Friday, June 04, 2010

Lego Microscale Spaceships!

Here you have it! A sign of things to come!

My very own creations, my first attempt at spacecraft, and my first attempt at microscale. They are a bit flawed (mostly I felt the scale of the fighters were far too large in respect to the larger ships), but I ended up being really pleased by the command ships.

The Terran Federation vs. the Vactorian Raiders.

The Terran Federation Fleet! This Starship Troopers-esque federation is massive and not exactly the perfect "good guys". Backed by endless men and materiel, the Federation has sent a small fleet out to stop the Vactorians fleet from making a landing on Mars (which from there, the likely end scenario would be a harassing of Earth's to-and-from orbital traffic lines, and that just to start.)

See more photos here:
The Terran Federation, 1 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Terran Federation, 2 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Terran Federation (Brickshelf)

The Vactorian Raiders! These marauding nomads originated from the Islamic Middle East hundreds of years ago, and evolved into a pirate-like society and now is moving towards a more militarized structure, under unified command. They are bent on ending their space wanderings and colonizing Mars...but the Terrans stand in their way.

See more photos here:
The Vactorian Raiders, 1 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Vactorian Raiders, 2 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Vactorian Raiders (Brickshelf)

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Spencer / The Warrior / Histo-Sci


Mariah :) said...

Pretty neat, Spencer! :-D Mariah likes it.

olde.fashioned said...

Me likee too, but then you already knew that. ;-)