Saturday, June 26, 2010

Condoms for First Graders?


Oh, don't you just love it? Public school--it's awesome!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Huntresses Become the Hunted

For a little over a week now, I've realized that I've got a bit of a problem with black widow spiders. In that amount of time, I've killed over a dozen.

Thankfully, all of them I've found outside. In fact, I found the first by accident, taking out the garbage one night. I succeeded in killing it with a combination of Lysol and He-man stick...and then I ran into a massive wolf spider. I've also seen some other strange spiders lately, large ones--including this enormous, fat brown one that I think is a female (seeing as just a few hours ago it appeared that a skinny, translucent tan male was courting her). A summer vacation spot for spiders?

While I love spiders, and know full well that their presence is a benefit to man, and while I also know that black widows are extremely shy and rarely bite anyone, my own preferred tastes mean that any possible threat, no matter how small, is pretty much intolerable. Enter the War of the Spiders!

It's always been great for me, if I have a certain task to accomplish, to translate it into a war allegory of some sort. Launching a merciless, all-out attack on a neighborhood arachnid is easily translated into said terminology. Therefore I hath embarked upon a massive assault, and I will kill any and all of them I find. Take no prisoners! reality, just about every night I've been going out long after dark with my trusty Maglite and hunting them down, one by one. Not as glamorous as a mighty war, but then again, if it was a mighty big would the spiders be for me to have to wield swords or guns against them? Indeed, I shudder at the thought. (Imagine if massive insects and arachnids overran the world! Eeek!) If you're a fellow man and if it floats your boat, just hate them temporarily because they eat their men when they're done with them.

My methods of murder have evolved. I'm finding that Lysol spray is fairly ineffective--they can still get away too easily before I can hurt them enough. Shoes are too bulky for the tight corners of the spiders' preferred residence, so I split the end of a long stick to make it work better, and I've just been using that to attack them.

So, here on this blog you'll often see me post about issues of security, safety, and self-defense (one of my most cross-posted blogs is WARSKYL, after all). No matter how small, why not concern yourself with all matters of safety?

Here are a few tips I've learned in the past week (plus earlier knowledge learned through more academic channels which has aided me).

- Black widows are amazingly easy to spot. Hunt for them at night, with a good flashlight, and you can easily spot these little nocturnal critters. They can see the light, but with a good white light you can easily see their shiny black bodies and red hourglass on the ventral abdomen (and they usually make it so much easier by hanging upside down, just for us!).

- If you don't see the spiders themselves, you can recongnize their webs easily. Black widows spin very distinct webs in a very erratic, zig-zag formation (pretty much patternless). The strands will be thick and very strong--you can actually hear them break and snap. Try to learn the look of the web as you go along, and you can use this knowledge to trim down your property's population (Or I suppose you could try the internet, books, or even a local museum with a live specimen--that was my first full-blown black widow web exposure.)

- If you or your light scares one into cover, or if you find one where you can't get to it, try this trick. Find a small insect or such (I am currently using ants) and drop it into the widow's web. Be careful here; your light will likely keep her from coming out to fetch her newfound catch. I usually like to move the light to where only a dim glow is cast on her, wait for her to move out towards my bait, and then assault her. (A riskier method is using tweezers, which, if touched to a web as they are vibrating, can mimic the wingbeat of a flying insect. I once used this on a black widow years ago, and it worked. Just remember that you have to get close for it to work, and tie up one of your hands. Using live bait is preferable.)

- Find a weapon that works well for you. As stated before, I'm using a long stick with a split end for now (split end so I can get into the nooks and crannies better). Perhaps you might like some sort of pesticide (I prefer to keep pesticides far away from my home), a shoe, or perhaps you like the Mobile Infantry's approach in Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers (the flamethrowers). (Just kidding, folks. I believe that is called arson.) I like to keep my distance, yet have a deadly tool that is mobile and versatile. I'm really liking my stick now. Anyone ever tried Airsoft?

- Safety first. I'm always checking around my feet and body if I'm in a spot (say, under rafters, near plants, etc.) where the battlefield is fully encompassing. It is up to you protect yourself. It's better to let one get away than risk her nipping you, and it's be better for her to escape in the long run as well, where you might get her another day. (Try returning to the exact same spot the next night. I've killed many prior escapees this way.) And of course, safety does not mean paranoia. Jumping, squirming and squealing, will not help you in your massacre. Perhaps it's just me, but if your only thought is to shout, "THE BUGGER'S GOTTA DIE! BUGGER'S GOTTA DIE!" as you swipe at it haphazardly, you probably will not be very successful. Knowledge of your enemy is key, and it will win you many battles.

- Take out those egg sacs! They will appear white, or perhaps a dirty, off-white, and fluffy, like a tiny cotton ball. Inside could be hundreds of the unborn spiders, and while they will likely "balloon" to a different location, if you're in the game of extermination....

Of course, I must blatantly cover my butt and remind everyone that I am not legally liable should anyone actually try any of my little tips and get bitten.... This post was mostly for fun. Hunt at your own risk!

And after all of this, I must ask if anyone is more accustomed to the spiders than I am and knows how to ward them off. I'm especially concerned with indoor invasions. I can pick them off one by one, but does anyone know a way to frighten them away, inside and/or outside? Or how about anything that eats them? I'll abide them outside on occasion. In me and my family's bed? I don't think so.

Hope this helps, hope someone can help me, and happy hunting to anyone who must fight the beasties!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama Moves to Silence Gun Groups and Other Political Opponents

You need to know about this.

Please also check out the link. And please, think about using their pre-written letter and their legislative tool to send it. It takes about two minutes of your time.

-- -- Bill clears committee hurdle, going to the House floor soon

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh from his efforts to seize government control of the health services sector (ObamaCare) and the financial markets ("finance reform"), Barack Obama has a new priority: silence his political opposition.

As satisfying as it was for Obama to seize control of one-sixth of the economy, he has had to suffer protest from the "little people" (like us). So he is pushing the Orwellian "DISCLOSE" bill (HR 5175) to make sure gun groups and other pro-freedom forces cannot mobilize their members in the upcoming elections.

When Obama says "disclose," what he really means is "disclose gun group membership lists."

Not surprisingly, these efforts to shut down free speech don't apply to Obama allies, like Democratic-leaning labor unions. They only apply to groups which are not reliable Obama allies, like Gun Owners of America.

But, for those groups whose free speech is targeted for Obama's wrath under this bill, the consequences are severe:

* Under Title II of the bill, GOA (and other groups, as well as many bloggers) who merely mention public officials within 60 days of an election could be required to file onerous disclosures -- potentially including their membership lists.

* Also under Title II, GOA could be required to spend as much as half of the time of a 30-second ad on government-written disclosures.

* In addition, Sections 201 through 203 would potentially put the government's snooping eyes on any American who voices a political opinion, despite the fact that the Supreme Court, in Buckley v. Valeo, declared that Americans have a right to voice their opinion to an unlimited extent, if unconnected with a political campaign.

Here's an idea: If Obama is so irritated at the Supreme Court's defense of political free speech by groups like GOA, why doesn't he apply his sleazy new rules to his political allies, as well?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Tenebrion Star Cruiser

My first large-scale Lego spaceship. I call it The Tenebrion, after the family of black beetles (Tenebrionidae). Part battleship, part aircraft carrier, and more! Comments and criticism welcome!



Friday, June 11, 2010

"Official policy is to arrest the vigilante known as 'Batman' on sight."

News for you this Sabbath.

Warning Label For The U.S. Constitution?
Don't you just love it? Can we put a disclaimer on the Obamacare bill? Why Not?

Hollywood Characters Booted From Walk of Fame
So...Batman gets arrested because people complained about him? I wonder, do you think it would work if I filed a blanket complaint about all the illegal aliens in America...?


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Paramore Scandal and Males vs. Men: The Connection


Brethren, we have failed. Again.

(Hold on, it's not what you think. Bear with me, please.)

I'm not sure if any of my readers heard, but last night I was informed that Hayley Williams, lead singer of the rock band Paramore, had a topless photo of herself on her Twitter page.

That may not suprise you; it doesn't really surprise me, I'm sorry to admit. It's so commonplace these days.... So what's the point in my mentioning it?

Firstly, as any of my readers may have guessed, I take pains to know what is going on in these kinds of circles. Why? If you've ever spent even a minimal amount of time with any "young person" (teen, etc.), you'll find it clear that their music influences them very much. Much more, in fact, than many might think, I'd say. (See here, for example--I've seen other studies as well.) And as I both care for this generation, and also practically know that they literally are our very future, I want to know what is behind them.

Secondly, as I've admitted here before, I really like Paramore's music. They're far from perfect, I know it, and I have not placed them, or Miss Williams herself, on any sort of pedestal. I like some of their louder songs (Crushcrushcrush, Fences, and their newer ones Ignorance and Brick by Boring Brick), and their song Decode grabs me every time, even though it was written for the film version of Twilight. Long-time readers may remember my review of one of their songs, here. While I love the sound of the song, the use of God's name in vain was too far for me.

So, that's about as bad as they've yet tread--use of the Lord's name in vain. Sure, the guys in the band are annoying-looking, pierced things, and Miss Williams doesn't exactly dress in the most modest apparel, but when it comes down to it, they're pretty tame, all things considered. While I don't like to rationalize things that way, I've long appreciated Hayley's lack of sexually-charged-ness. For one example, I loved her attitude to being named the "2nd sexiest" rock vocalist by a magazine (see here).

While I don't even own any of their albums (only having bought just a few of their songs via iTunes), and I can't call myself a true fan, I'm still a bit disappointed. Not very surprised, but still a bit disappointed in her. I'm always the first to believe in the good in a girl.

Miss Williams hasn't stated much, but to my knowledge, the picture was real (at first I thought it might be one of those photoshopped fakes that the perverts of the world enjoy creating to plague famous women), she acknowledged taking it, but claims her acoount was hacked. She took down the picture hours after it was posted. She apparently uses Twitpic, and acquired a new phone app around 24 hours or so before this event occurred--what this all has to do with hacking, I'm not sure (I don't even know how to work them, let alone hack them!), but it really is irrelevant. I have to say, I believe her. Why would someone post a nude photo of themselves, pull it, and then go do damage control? Unless she was somehow, extremely intoxicated, I can buy the hacked concept. The ladies who pose nude for public shoots, such as Playboy or something of this sort, do so in a open, perhaps even flaunting manner. The embarrassed response from the singer just doesn't seem to fit the bill here.

Some think she did it accidentally, others say it was an intentional publicity stunt, and many others claim it was indeed a hacker, and his name is known. I really cannot say. Either way...if it was truly a hacker, I look forward to his/her criminal prosecution.

I find this sort of behavior to be morally reprehensible. I heard it said that this photo was meant for her boyfriend and none other. For any said hacker to post it publicly is both unfair and disgusting. Clearly this photo was private and it is really no one else's business.

While this is incredibly tame compared to most stars of the day, our standard must be the Bible, nothing else.

Therefore...I don't get to do this often enough, so let's turn this into a comment discussion. How do you feel about it? How would you think of this reflecting upon their music? Would you boycott, or stop listening? Would you continue? Would you rush to Miss William's defense? Let me know in the comments! (As for myself, I'll admit this will likely spoil my enjoyment of the few tracks that I do own somewhat, but I'm also not interested in a serious boycott either.)

So all of this is getting somewhat irrelevant for my current post topic. What is known is that Miss Williams posed nude for a photograph. This is unacceptable, clearly.

But, a larger question is, why do these sorts of things happen? Why is our world, our culture, falling apart at the seams? Most "celebs" of our day make Miss William's scandal look like a favorite game played in medieval nunneries.

I've talked about it all here before. We could go on and on. But for my personal purposes, let's harp yet again on one of the major issues I am concerned with this day and age.


What else do we teach our women, our girls? Show your stuff! Flaunt your body! We love it, that's all we want.

Let's digress for a moment. I admit it; we're designed this way. It was not good for man to be alone, so God created woman, it is true....but now due to sin we have our difficulties in this area. It is no simple thing to curb the growling beast within every man (myself included). It is very simple to allow it to vent itself, or even, perhaps, to take over. Every man (And even every woman? ;-D) can attest to this weak area within ourselves.

But I'm not asking for perfection. I'm asking for you to try, for crying out loud!

It is high time that the few changed the many. What I want is a small army of dedicated men to show the males how it is done. It is time to show every girl, every woman, every lady, that we are different.

It is time to show the most precious gift God has given us men on this earth just exactly what matters.

No, you don't need to flirt, flaunt, and expose. You don't need to appeal to our carnal, animal desires to succeed. What we must desire, and what you must do, is the Way of the Woman. Biblical womanhood, true femininity. You've heard it all before here, but I'll say it again. If you've ever seen it yourself, you know it is something to be treasured.

Perhaps, someday, young ladies will wait to "bare all" until they are wedded and can give themselves to their loves in all purity, and we give ourselves to them in turn.

I long for such a day.


Sunday, June 06, 2010


Crossposted from Michael Bane's Blog. Many of you already remembered today, likely enough. (I'm fairly confident I don't have too many of the scurvy mites who do not care.)

In remembrance,


Friday, June 04, 2010

Lego Microscale Spaceships!

Here you have it! A sign of things to come!

My very own creations, my first attempt at spacecraft, and my first attempt at microscale. They are a bit flawed (mostly I felt the scale of the fighters were far too large in respect to the larger ships), but I ended up being really pleased by the command ships.

The Terran Federation vs. the Vactorian Raiders.

The Terran Federation Fleet! This Starship Troopers-esque federation is massive and not exactly the perfect "good guys". Backed by endless men and materiel, the Federation has sent a small fleet out to stop the Vactorians fleet from making a landing on Mars (which from there, the likely end scenario would be a harassing of Earth's to-and-from orbital traffic lines, and that just to start.)

See more photos here:
The Terran Federation, 1 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Terran Federation, 2 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Terran Federation (Brickshelf)

The Vactorian Raiders! These marauding nomads originated from the Islamic Middle East hundreds of years ago, and evolved into a pirate-like society and now is moving towards a more militarized structure, under unified command. They are bent on ending their space wanderings and colonizing Mars...but the Terrans stand in their way.

See more photos here:
The Vactorian Raiders, 1 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Vactorian Raiders, 2 of 2 (MOCPages)
The Vactorian Raiders (Brickshelf)

Comments, please!

Spencer / The Warrior / Histo-Sci