Sunday, May 23, 2010

PALAEOBLOG: Born This Day: Carolus Linnaeus

What a guy! What a guy....


Jonas said...

Aha, a fellow Swede! Unfortunately he's one of those persons you get more than enough of by going through the school here in Sweden... (like, "hey, it can't hurt mentioning Linné once more, can it?") but that doesn't make his deeds less of course. I haven't read much out of his works but I stumbled upon some really fun parts in a journal of one of his disciples once.. they seem to have led quite adventurous lives in search of new species anyhow.

The Warrior said...

If you know where to get his works, original, unedited text, with original'll make sure to let me know, right?

Jonas said...

Well, the originals are in Latin, or in some few cases Swedish, so I think you'd find them hard to read ;) Actually I think most of his work are in Britain ironically enough, British Library probably.

Here's Systema Naturae scanned online though:

At least the first page seems it would please you, with a quick and somewhat ugly translation:

O Jehova,
How great your works are!
How wisely you have made them!
How full the world is of your property!

The Warrior said...

Well, true...sorry, should have said "translation" in there somewhere. :-P

Do you know where I might find an English translation, then?

Jonas said...

Well, just having got a job as a Latin teacher, my natural response is of course: study Latin, Spencer ;)

But no, I don't know about translations, should be pretty easy to find if you skim through articles on the matter on wikipedia or so.