Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Late to Apologize

This always gets me, and it's about time I shared it here. It's a great song/video, overall, barring perhaps the strange end part and the lack of, say, mentions of God, or guns, etc.... ;-P

Check it out!



guitargirl said...

That video is pure WIN! :D Mind if I steal it?

WildWeazel said...


The Warrior said...

GG: Feel free...after all, it ain't mine. :-D

WW: Ain't it?

JT Norlander said...

that was great. :)

Mariah :) said...

That was really neat to see after this weekend (except for the little bizarre-ness at the end, etc., as you said). I was at my uncle's house in Richmond, Virginia, and we got to go to Monticello (Jefferson's house) and see many of the amazing things there... blows your mind. Virginia is waaaay more patriotic than California!