Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New LEGO Castle?

Oh, great...if these pics are legit, my bank account is going to be in pain. I just know it....



duva said...

I am pretty sure they are real. Luckily I have very little room to store any LEGO right now so my bank account will survive :P

Mariah :) said...

Ooh... those are cool!


p.s. word verification: "vings" The w decided it didn't want to be double.

olde.fashioned said...

They look like real LEGOs to me. How would you know if they were fake or not? (And the photos are watermarked with "confidential" so obviously someone was naughty...lol)

I just love the castle sets!!!!

The Warrior said...

duva: I'm afraid they are, too. :-P It looks nice, though; slightly "realistic", which is welcome after all the fantasy castle we've been having. Have you seen the new PoP sets? Toy Story?

Mariah: Vings! They're actually mini-Vikings. :-P

OF: Not sure how to tell...word usually comes down from much more involved hobbyists than me. :-P


duva said...

I do love the look of the PoP sets, and I might even have to stuff some of them in my little apartment! As for Toy Story it's more nostalgia than anything that applies to me; I do feel a need to own a LEGO Woody though :D

olde.fashioned - They could be early prototypes or something, that happened with the Viking line a few years ago, with prototypes looking really promising and quite lame sets in the end. These however were revealed at Toy Fair (and have been confirmed by LEGO Ambassadors) so they should be real. Not aure what the confidential labels are about though...

Oh, and "vings" looks like a curious case of Swenglish to me, wings spelled in Swedish but declined in English :P One "vinge", two "vingar" we'd say.. That's your lesson in Viking speech for today ;)

The Warrior said...

Yeah; I'm most excited about the smallest PoP set--good parts. And as to Toy Story, I have the Army Men on Patrol, because of their helmets, and also because I simply couldn't miss out on such a set!

Hey...the Vikings were amazing!