Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Tonight I will hunt and shoot any and all rabbits masquerading as loving egg-layers. Besides the fact that rabbits eat our vegetables, and a lagamorph that lays brightly-colored, intricately-patterned, plastic-egged shells behind filled with individually wrapped candies...Jesus replacement icons just tick me off.

Happy Easter! This is the holiday that is really one of joy, don't you think? If Easter didn't exist...think about it...we'd all be in it deep, eh?



guitargirl said...

Happy Easter!

Ahaha. Jesus replacement icons make me angry too...but I shan't shoot any bunnies today because I own one named Raisin who would be quite traumatized. He doesn't lay eggs though. ;D I'm savin up all my amo for fat guys with beards. *buaha*

The Warrior said...

Rahaha! No worries on that score; I left mines in my chimney last Christmas...and Christmas morning I did find copious amounts of blood as well as red fuzzy fabric bits....

I'm assuming it was him? ;-P