Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LEGO Set Review: 10193 Medieval Market Village

All ye FOLs: hear ye, hear ye!

'Tis Spencer de Warrior's very first LEGO set review, composed of both words and pictorial elements. Pray, indulge thineselves!

I recently was able to purchase the famed 10193 Medieval Market Village set, retailing at $99.99. It's a lot of money to spend, but for LEGO Castle collectors, it's a veritable gold mine. With a plethora of town minifigs (not just soldiers as per the usual sets), animals, accessories (food, etc.) and some good parts combined into a great build, this was something I've been greedily planning to gobble up ever since it was released. It really is a testament to how much TLC has been listening to the collector's in recent years. Dear LEGO, you've done a marvelous job; keep up the great work!

In the set we have two buildings; I will call the blue one the "inn" and I will call the other the "smithy". Both are two-story structures, and they open and close to see the interior (And yes, we actually have an accessorized interior, kids!). The "inn" has a working door on the ground floor (alas, no key piece was included for the key hole), and on one side there's a counter-top with cups, as well as a nice keg of ale. On the floor above are sleeping quarters--for visitors or the young lady, perhaps. It's got a windowsill with a flower vase, a brush, and a chest (with "drawers") as well as a wonderful "cushion" stool via SNOT technique. Next side is a delightful little bed with a checkered quilt, pillow, and a fireplace in the room as well. And to get to this upper floor? A staircase, with a balcony! Wonderful!

The "smithy" has a forge (With a hammer that bangs up and down with rotation of the mill wheel--brilliant!) and an anvil w/ sword. On the same floor we've got two stalls for horses (Including horse poop! I love it!), and then on the second we have a room with a table, four-legged stool, and then a nice furnace with a working door. Excellent!

The exteriors of both these buildings are just as delightful; all those black slopes will come in handy--the window parts, too! Each set-up (smithy, stall, and inn) have their own signs, as well. The build was good; the opening feature of course slightly weakens the structures (personally I prefer easily detached roofs), but it's all good.

We also have a horse with cart, a nice tree (dark green foliage, white flowers), a weapon rack, treasure chest (w/ gold coins) a table with food (including a TURKEY, for crying out loud!), a stand to sell flowers, apples, or fish (all in barrels). Don't forget the two new amazing oxen pieces (Udders!), rooster, chicken, and duck, as well as eight great minifigs: three peasants (one old, one young, and then one with child legs), two ladies (one with an apron--likely a barmaid, considering that as well as her the loosening ties in her dress--and another in a dark dress), a blacksmith, and two soldiers.

As is common of late, I had difficulty reading the muddy-colored instruction sheet, and I also noticed with curiosity that a fair amount elements were unnecessary (such as, say, a 1x2 and a 1x1 brick instead of just a corner brick), which was somewhat strange. Another negative was the lack of numbered polybags; I know it's a relatively recent thing, but it sure makes first-time building easier (instead, I had to hunt through the whole pile, old-style). The buildings feel slightly small once built considering the price, but it's partly due to how packed they are (not spread out like most sets) and of course, all the accessories you get. That said, with all the countless pluses and the few minuses, this set is a must-have for any FOL Castle fan, or perhaps even other LEGO lovers, for whatever purpose.

So, if you haven't bought this set yet...what the heck are you waiting for?

The whole beautiful set, in all it's glory!

Food, glorious food! (Is this set not worth it just for the turkey, or what?)

Fish and soldiers...what a combination!


The smithy outside.

The smithy outside.

The blacksmith, hard at work forging a good blade!

Messy, stinky horse! (Yes, it would appear that these dark-brown versions of carrot sticks are supposed to be horse manure.)

The smithy's work is aided by a mill wheel next to his shop!

Keep the room warm with this nice, big furnace!

I'm just not sure that they had portraits back then...but four-legged stools? Why not?


The inn outside.

The inn inside!

Care ye for a draught?

A tired old peasant enters for a good meal and a stout drink!

Yes indeed,'s a bed....

...replete with a fireplace to keep your little minifig toes toasty!

Ah, what a comfort it is to open my window and smell my flowers as I brush mine hair.... And I am also wont to sit upon my SNOT stool and make use of my good dresser, for sooth!

Stairs and a balcony!

Doo-dee doo-dee doo....

A rooster, chicken, and duck! Very ingenious, brick-built little creatures; a definite plus to the set.


Faith ! what a naughty, naughty little boy!

Hay ride!

The entire gallery can be seen here.

And that, my friends, concludes my review!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Late to Apologize

This always gets me, and it's about time I shared it here. It's a great song/video, overall, barring perhaps the strange end part and the lack of, say, mentions of God, or guns, etc.... ;-P

Check it out!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thanks, guys

I've got three more plugs from my posts on Assembly Bull (er, uh, excuse me, bill) 1934--here, here and here. Thank you for stepping up, friends!


Front Sight "Don't Tread on Me" Reward

For those of you who participated, here's your reward. (Shucks, I don't think I can afford it right now....)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


...but it ain't over yet. It passed the Public Safety Committee but still has to get passed through Appropriations. After that, as I understand it, it must go to the Senate (called Assm. Hagman's office this morning to find out what had happened). So, we'll see. It'll probably be rammed through by California's wonderful state legislators.

For some good updates, I'm going to refer you to here. Some posters were actually there it would seem; apparently the assemblywoman who introduced the bill, Lori Saldana, wore a bulletproof vest, and another alluded to the ever-present "penis envy" hogwash. Anyways, check out all of today's posts for more.

Besides the fact that both ladies I have spoken to at Hagman's office have been delightful, I just got this email from him as well, the only reply I have received to any of my messages:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to AB 1934 (Saldaña). This legislation, which would make it an offense to carry firearms openly in holsters, was presented before the Public Safety Committee on April 20th, 2010.

Unfortunately, this bill passed the committee. The votes were as follows:

- Chair Assemblyman Tom Ammiano – AYE

- Vice-Chair Assemblyman Curt Hagman – NO

- Assemblyman Jim Beall, Jr. – AYE

- Assemblyman Danny Gilmore – NO

- Assemblyman Jerry Hill – AYE

- Assemblyman Anthony Portantino – NOT VOTING

- Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner – AYE

I urge you to contact your State Assembly and Senate Representatives and urge them to OPPOSE AB 1934 if/when it reaches the floor for a vote. You can determine your representatives by going to and clicking on “Find My District” in the left hand column.

It is outrageous that legislation such as this is even being considered. We need to focus our efforts on strengthening the economy and creating jobs, not punishing and regulating law abiding citizens.

I would like to extend my thank you to all of you that continue to support our Constitutional right to bear arms. I will not give up the fight to protect our basic rights and I hope you will also continue this cause. Thank you.

It is an honor to serve you.


Assemblyman Curt Hagman
District 60

Let's not forget to stick it to all the "aye" voters, eh?

I don't know anything about this relative newbie, Hagman...but seeing this here, and also reading that he has introduced AB 1663 (a repeal of AB 962, the California ammunition restriction bill), I'm liking what I see.

The Brady Campaign has a hand in this, no was actually their email that alerted me to it (yes, I am on their email list--don't shoot me, friends, it's an excellent way to keep watch on what the other side is up to), and then a later email, discussing yesterday's Second Amendment March, stated "Public safety ... even lives ... may depend on it." Oh yeah, right! It was just last week that I heard about this gun freak--he open carried, was involved in local politics and went to the range every weekend--and he went around killing people in his neighborhood!


Last night I was thinking, why is the Brady Bunch so concerned with all of this? If they're really worried about lives, then why don't they fight abortion instead? Here's a though: let's make a deal with the Bradyites and the rest of the gun-grabbers; let's give up our guns, in exchange for a complete and total ban on baby murder. But then I realized that I had moral reservations against making deals with the devil.

Stay tuned for more from me on this. You all know me well enough to know I won't sit down on this one.

Rifles it is!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Results of my phone calls

Just a little while ago I made all my phone calls concerning AB 1934 (the hand gun open carry ban). This time I decided to ask if the assemblyman or -woman would be voting for or against the bill. Below are my results:

+ - Assemblymember opposes AB 1934
- Assemblymember is in favor of AB 1934
? Phone attendant did not know Assemblymember's opinion in order to state

Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-13) - ?

Assembly Member Curt Hagman (R-60) - +

Assembly Member Danny D. Gilmore (R-30) - +

Assembly Member Jerry Hill (D-19) - ?

Assembly Member Jim Beall, Jr. (D-24) - ?

Assembly Member Anthony Portantino (D-44) - ?

Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes (D-39) - ? (The attendant hung up on me, but as he was apparently trying to transfer me, I believe it was an accident.)

Assemblymember Connie Conway (R-34) - ?
Assemblymember Steven Bradford (D-51) - ?

Assemblymember Charles M. Calderon (D-58) - ?

Assemblymember Joe Coto (D-23) - ?

Assemblymember Mike Davis (D-48) - ?

Assemblymember Kevin de Leon (D-45) - ?

Assemblymember Isadore Hall III (D-52) - ? (Attendant hung up on me after taking my comment, but before I had finished asking about Hall's opinion; I had to call back.)

Assemblymember Diane L. Harkey (R-73) - +

Assemblymember Jeff Miller (R-71) - ?

Assemblymember Jim Nielsen (R-2) - +

Assemblymember Chris Norby (R-72) - +? (See below.)

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-14) - ?

Assemblymember Jose Solorio (D-69) - ?

Assemblymember Tom Torlakson (D-11) - ?

Assemblymember Alberto Torrico (D-20) - ?

Now if you look at this, you can see that the only ones who told me what they were going to vote were Republicans voting against this draconian bill. All Democrats, and two Republicans, had attendants that told me that they didn't know what the Assemblymember would vote. So, let me get this straight. You work for a guy, have no idea how he will vote on such a divisive and important, headline issue--and the only ones who do know how their "boss" is going to vote are the ones who have an opposing voter? Now is it just me? Do I not understand the system or something? Because that just sounds fishy to me. Call me a skeptic or what have you, but I can't help but wonder if said Assemblymembers (that is, those who would spit upon the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution) instructed their people to claim a lack of knowledge. Could just be me, eh?

But if you look at it that way...that means we're almost certainly going to lose. Fear not, Californians; many residing in the state have resolved to start carrying rifles around. Ha!

Now, about Chris Norby...I have never heard of him before, I don't know a lick about him, but what the guy who answered the phone said to me definitely piqued my interest. When I asked what the Assemblyman's opinion on the bill was, he said, "Assemblyman Norby is generally opposed to anything furthering the nanny state."



The "nanny state"?

That's our phrase!

A friend?

Who knows?

So, we'll see what happens tommorrow...or as one attendant said, possibly even Wednesday (?).


Front Sight's Ignatius Piazza: Don’t Tread on Me: Today is the Day!

Today is your last chance, kiddies! Speak out, and get a reward as well.


Tommorrow they decide...

...if Californians can carry their guns or not. That means today is your last chance to do anything, whether it be calling, or emailing. Hurry, there isn't much time!

In the link is fuzzys dad's crosspost of my initial post. Thanks so much, fuzzys dad!

If worse comes to worse, and this passes, then many Californians (should I feel annoyed that that was the state I was born in?) are planning to continue carrying guns legally. They'll just carry rifles around instead!


Friday, April 16, 2010

URGENT! California AB 1934: Complete ban of hand gun open carry


Okay, adding this as an Action Item was unexpected, but it has just come to my attention. We have very, very little time. I'm going to beg for anyone and everyone's help on this one. It's not just about Obamacare; it's about everything. Without our guns, we have nothing.

Whether or not you are a California resident, this is of consequence to you. California is the most populous state in the nation, and what happens here, other states watch (remember Prop 8?).

The other side has introduced a bill that would ban open carry of handguns in the entire state of California. Now, for Californians, open carry is already a headache; besides worrying about no-carry zones (schools, etc.), CA residents are not allowed to carry their guns loaded. That's right, they have to carry the magazine separately. And concealed carrying is only allowed via permit, which is pretty normal nationwide, but as CA is not a "shall issue" state, CCW permits are almost never granted (the authorities get to decide whether or not you have a "valid" reason).

And now, they want to take it all away. What's more, the matter is going to be decided this Tuesday, April 20th!

Who cares what state you live in? In the link are phone numbers and email addresses. I'm asking you to call every phone number on that list, and send a message to every email address on that list as well. This will take some of your time, but it is well worth it.

If this is your first time with being "politically active," it's pretty easy actually. I understand it has an intimidating aura at times, but it really is simple. Just place phone calls, and say something like you want to comment about AB 1934 and that you ardently oppose the bill, make some sort of personalized comment (e.g., "I am a firearms owner and believe in the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms" or something like that), and, as for me, I often like to remind them that if they vote against our wishes, I will do everything I can to get them voted out. Keep it CIVIL and PROFESSIONAL; no profanity, insults, or anything. Just make your comments.

Here's a tip; I once had someone answer just such a call once and then claim that they physically could not input my comment without my name and ZIP code. I hung up, then called right back; I got another person, and he took my comment without issue. So, if they give you trouble, keep at it, and don't be discouraged. Keep it short and sweet and everything should go A-OK. What's the worst that can happen? They get annoyed? It's not like it's someone you have to live with in your house or work with everyday or anything....

As to letters, we don't have enough time for that, but what we do have are plenty of inboxes to fill up. I've composed a sample letter which you can use; feel free to slap your name and their name on it, copy, and paste into emails to the assemblymembers. If you're a CA resident, I recommend you add something that says such, and if you're a gun owner, I also recommend you mention that as well. A quick comment about the good firearms experiences you've had might be appropriate.

After doing all of this, you might think about topping it off by telling friends or family about this and encouraging them to speak out as well (email, phone, text, blog--feel free to cross-link my post here--, forums, personal conversations...anything!).

Well? I've given you everything you need. What on earth are you waiting for?

Dear Assemblymember ________,

My purpose in writing you today is my deep concern over AB 1934. As a strong believer in our nation's Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, I hereby oppose AB 1934 and reaffirm my right to keep and bear arms at all times and wherever I am present. California has enough strict laws that bar firearms owners from far too many of their constitutional liberties. I am impelled to convey to you my intention to remember and vote out anyone who gives a "yes" vote on AB 1934 as well as to encourage my friends and family to do the same.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I hereby invoke my rights and ask that you please acknowledge them.



Please help me on this one. This is desperate.


Women's Self-Defense

Via WARSKYL. I want every lady here to watch this video, please.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's get this party started


When I said I needed time a few posts back, did you think I was really going to completely check out? No; I've still got some things I need you to help me with. I am going to begin using the common phrase and call these "action items." All will be considered urgent (as you see above). Your first action item is so simple, all you need to do is PRINT and MAIL.


Read the link. And please take a stand along side myself and undoubtedly many others. That's right; I really am asking for your help.

This is a piece of cake, and will take you five minutes.

So. Are you willing?

Let's bring America back!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ladies Against Feminism

Have you seen their new, revamped site? Or how about their new banner (which is on my sidebar as we speak....)

If you're serious about being a...well, serious Christian, then the Chancey name is one you can trust. Soak it all up!


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New LEGO Castle?

Oh, great...if these pics are legit, my bank account is going to be in pain. I just know it....


Sunday, April 04, 2010

More Than A Legend

Just had to post this's excellent. Has some good, no-duh points, and also I really liked the theatrical elements. Almost creepy--just mah style, actually....

Happy Easter! He is Risen!



Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Tonight I will hunt and shoot any and all rabbits masquerading as loving egg-layers. Besides the fact that rabbits eat our vegetables, and a lagamorph that lays brightly-colored, intricately-patterned, plastic-egged shells behind filled with individually wrapped candies...Jesus replacement icons just tick me off.

Happy Easter! This is the holiday that is really one of joy, don't you think? If Easter didn't exist...think about it...we'd all be in it deep, eh?


'RapeLay' video game goes viral amid outrage


For the second time, I tried to post a short rant I'd written...but thought better of it. So you can see what the rant was ranting about....