Saturday, March 20, 2010

Um, well....

So, y'all....anyone know anything about tetanus?

Yeah...I kinda stepped on a rusty nail today--and it went right through me shoe and into me foot. Deep. And...yo, I gots no insurance at the moment. Anyone know any spiffy remedies or anything? I'm going to see what I can do tommorrow about going to a clinic for a shot. I'm not into vaccines or even the doc very much, but I seriously need to take care of myself right now. Too long of a story to tell, but seriously, I can't miss a single day of work at this current moment in time.

I cleaned it as best as I could (it happened this afternoon) and I know it's only crazy odds that you'll actually get it (but isn't it usually fatal?) and I am confidant all will be well, but still...if it was just me, I wouldn't worry, so never mind about that, k? A few prayers would be appreciated--I need to get a shot, and I need to get one cheap (hopefully the 24 or so hours in between now and then won't kill me, haha).

Besides! Wouldn't that just be a sucky way to die? Man, Imma either go down old in bed or in some epic battle. A rusty nail? Now is that at all Spencerian? Ok, ok--I was chasing a lizard, I admit it--that is somewhat Spencerian, but still. I'll be fine; I'm just going to be unusual and actually act in a normal social manner on this one, ok?


P.S. Oh! I get it now! The nail was run by a computer...that in turn was run by SKYNET! Blasted machines!


WildWeazel said...

Uninsured Americans who step on rusty nails while chasing lizards deserve better. Clearly, we need to have public health insurance coverage for all. You should write a letter to the President explaining your heartbreaking situation.


Mrs. Brown said...

Oh, Spencer! Our prayers are for you.

My husband stepped on a nail many years ago ... please, do get the tetanus shot ... don't even compare it to normal vaccines. It's not the same. I think that is the only shot that is really okay. Being here on the farm, we see it's really important.

Chasing a lizard? ;-) Yes, that does sound like something you would do!

But I hear that your dear Mother is going to have you taking some really awful tasting stuff ... and putting it on the puncture wound as well ... and it's all my fault! LOL But, it will, Lord willing, help. This stuff helps so many things and nothing wicked can exist with that stuff.

If you start drinking some dandelion tea it will help purify your blood. (not letting the infection run through your body) That will also help guard from the infection. Just another addition to your arsenal. :-)

Prayers are the best weapon. We are well armed and fighting the battle with you.

with our love and prayers,
Aunt Sally

Mike said...

Have you ever had a tetanus shot? I think they're supposed to be good for 5-7 years.

Last time I stepped on a rusty nail I had to get a tetanus booster (it had been about 6 years since my first shot).
Being the wary sorta guy that I am, I told the man that I did NOT want the booster with Mercury, to which he (reluctantly) agreed and stuck me with the Mercury free shot.

So he walks out to do some paperwork and about five minutes later a nurse walks in, she tells me she has my booster and before I can say anything she's already stabbed me with it.

Turns out there was a little failure in Comm between the Doc and her, as a result I was given twice the dose I should have been.

So. Yeah. Try to stay out of the clinic if you can.


duva said...

"And...yo, I gots no insurance at the moment."

Now you'd need that health care reform you're opposing so much...

(sorry, Spencer, I just had to say it ;) I hope all goes well with you though, on a more serious note)

olde.fashioned said...

From what I read today whilst researching tetanus after your little "adventure", it's only fatal 30% of the time, and that's after you contract the extremely rare tetanus to begin with. Or so I read...

What, is this some sort of "guy" thing to step repeatedly on rusty nails?? Spencer did it, Mr. Brown did it, apparently Mike has done it more than once...("the first time"), geez!

You sure do step on things a lot! Remember the wasp? Then there's the uh, sweet gum seed pods. ;-P

The Warrior said...

Duva: Ha. I went to a clinic today, insuranceless, and got my shot. :-D

duva said...

That's great, Spencer, just how it should work! :)