Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal Update

Personally, I'm not worried about this, but the precautioned preparer in me wanted to ask for some prayers.

Over the weekend I had a horrible headache, and the scale of it is almost unheard of for me. That's a symptom of tetanus. This morning, my jaw began to tighten. Okay....

Now it doesn't seem to be too bad, at least not for the past half of the day (headache has also lessened). Apparently this could be the after-effects of the vaccination. It looks probable at the moment (via a little personal digging--hey, what else am I supposed to do?) that I'm just experiencing some side-effects. However, if somehow they shot me with the wrong gunk, or if it somehow still germinated or whatever...it's often fatal.

So, if I buy the farm on this one, you all have been so great. Really.

(LOL. Sorry. Couldn't resist some half-humor there. Ha!)

Love you all,



Lizzy said...

We're definitely praying, and I swear Spencer, if you do anything so rash as to, well, you know- kick the bucket or something, when I get to the inevitable, I'm going to kill you all over again!

Really though, life wouldn't be right without ya. Don't get any bright ideas, k?

We all love you very much... and you have our prayers.

Mada said...

Hey man, sounds like you're a bit depressed. You're probably right about it just being side effects, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'll be praying for you though, just in case.

olde.fashioned said...

So, if I buy the farm on this one, you all have been so great.

Not. Funny! :-P

Courtney said...

Just make sure you have someone on hand to update your blog to let us know when you kick the bucket.

Kidding, of course!!

Hope you feel better soon.

WildWeazel said...

Since they shot you up twice I wouldn't be surprised by some side effects.

But if it kills you, can I have your knives?

The Warrior said...

Lizzy: LOL! So how is it my fault if I'm an unwilling partner in the real estate deal? ;-P

Mada: I'm actually not depressed at all. I've been bouncy all day, for no particular reason....

Olde: LOL. Yes it is!

Courtney: Or someone to take it over should I croak? ...any takers?

WW: Hey! No, Imma be buried with 'em. Bwaha! ;-P


Mada said...

Whaaaaat?! Dude, not funny! :-P I thought you were being serious!!!

Give a dude some sympathy and mumblegrumblemumblegrowl...

The Warrior said...

Well technically it is quite possible that I not make it....


OMG I just croaked!

The Warrior said...


olde.fashioned said...

OMG I just croaked!


*heavy lidded glare*