Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now it begins

This morning, I woke up after a late night and an eventful weekend, which had ended as no day in this country has ever ended. This morning I woke up and wished that the realization that came to me almost instantaneously was the remnant of a bad dream.

This morning, each and every citizen of the United States woke up to a country injected, directly into its core, with Amsoc.

Anyone read ever George Orwell's 1984? Stay tuned for my pending review (tidbit: I don't recommend it), but for now allow me to speak a little bit about it for sake of the current discussion. "Ingsoc" was English Socialism, in the book--and now I think that we can call what we now have--what has been thrust upon us, against the will of the supposedly "by the people" government, by a mere seven congress-criminals--Amsoc. American Socialism. One of the deadliest philosophies in the history of all the world has made its home in the strategic center of our union--Capitol Hill.

In my entire life, I have never before seen such a blatant attack upon my great nation's citizens (the true sovereigns in this land!). Congress was a means to prevent "mobocracy"--and as mobocracy got this president elected, so no an even more dangerous form of government gave rise to this. I can only identify it as a cruel form of dictatorship. What else can one call this something enforced?

"This is what change looks like," or so said the president today. I heard that the news was met with smiles, hugs and high-fives by him and those near. Is this how our leader commemorates the trampling of the will of his people? Apparently so.

Very ironic, that I had my final piece of health care on the day that a piece of American freedom would be attacked--I cannot say died, because freedom did not die. Perhaps this knowledge would be met with dismay by certain people today, but American freedom--true freedom--will never die. Remember that, and believe it.

I had no insurance, but I was able to pay for my own health care (technically saving money--the few times I see the doctor would cost far less, at least for me, than just plain insurance). I can have insurance, and get care, and I can be uninsured, and still get care. So why enforce this on me and my people? Can anyone guess? Perhaps this is not about health care?

This was a mistake. Not only will they likely be all kicked out when the elections come (and don't think they didn't know this, and this is frightening, because to me it seems to convey that they are not merely greedy power-grabbers, but they truly do believe in all of this and are willing to sacrifice for it), but the guys like you and me simply will not stop causing trouble for them.

What I have to say to them? If you think that I--we--are just like 1984's Winston Smith, then, oh, how you have underestimated us.

Why I say it "begins"? Because--this isn't over yet.

I am calling for a what I can only think to call an Unarmed Uprising.

Who is with me?



Son3 said...

What are the terms of this "Unarmed Uprising"?

Andy Moore said...

I'm with you mate. It was just a handful of deceitful and unprincipled "pro-life" democrats led by Bart Stupak who folded and gave the States 1) the Health Care bill in it's current from, and 2) federally-funded abortions.

Stupak saying in 2009 that he would consider voting for a health care bill with abortion funding... he didn't know he was being recorded. He's been lying all along.

When the Government is funding and promoting the killing of its constituent's children, there's something majorly wrong with your country. We've had this here in New Zealand for years, and I am deeply ashamed of it.

Good post man. This is not the time to get upset or cast down. It's time for something else entirely.

I'm planning on coming to the States soon. Which coast are you on?

Mike said...

Amen Spencer, it's high time these Bourgeoisie politicians felt the wrath of the American people.

Bring out the figurative tar and feathers,

*Main theme from John Adams plays in the background*

Andrew said...

I talked with one of my politics and government professors yesterday, and he said this bill is going to lead to a lot of states testing rules and looking at political tactics that haven't been used since before the civil war... which sounds kind of scary, but at any rate, I don't think the fight is over just yet.

Courtney said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Spencer. Our freedom was attacked in an unbelievable way this week, and I hope every single one of those representatives that voted for the bill is kicked out of office this November. The people spoke, and they did not listen.

But you are right - true freedom will never die, and we can still fight this. An unarmed uprising is indeed appropriate. It is NOT over yet. Americans who still believe in the true and noble ideals of our Founding Fathers can rise up and fight against the socialism that is being pushed upon us by our current leaders. We owe nothing less to the men who fought and died for our freedom during the Revolution in 1776.

Let us never, never give up.

Gravelbelly said...

I read 1984 long before 1984. Orwell painted a bleak picture, and many elements of his story were prophetic. I do take exception to his evident identification of fornication with freedom.

One of the problems with fighting Amsoc is that there is no clear-cut ideological commonality among those who oppose it. Ron Paul (a professing Christian) touts "freedom" as the quality that unites his followers. At least, that's what he told a crowd that included representatives from a pro-homosexual lobby.

Many who don't want socialism involved in their health care have no problem sending their children to the tax-funded socialistic "public" schools.

I could go on about the Post Office, Social Security, student loans and grants, small business grants, and a myriad of other socialistic welfare programs for not only the poor, but also the middle and upper classes.

The beneficiaries of these programs all want to do away with everyone else's socialistic programs, but they think that their own is justified & should not be touched.

The real war is not waged at the polls. If "vote the rascals out" is all we've got, then we will inevitably simply vote in a new set of rascals.

The real war must center on really understanding the problem and the solution, which requires work. But understanding alone is not enough. Understanding without moral character will only breed a smarter class of socialists.

Moral character begins at the same place as understanding -- at the foot of Calvary's cross. But that is only the beginning.

One must prove his character in the fires of life, just as he must apply the basic principles of understanding in his reading and studies.

It took us several generations to descend to our present state. We will not correct our foolishness overnight.

Zoe said...

Everything we continually see happening in the world is just more of a reason why we need to trust in the Lord and pray more than ever. No matter what rights and freedoms we have taken from us in this world - in America - we will always have our freedom given to us by Christ and that is really all we truly need.

drjim said...

And freedom is slavery.
We're getting dangerously close to seeing Arbeit Macht Frei over the factory gates as we walk to our "jobs".

Izori said...

I'm with you! It's so sad how much our country has steered away from God in these past years.

Heather Nicole said...

I do not pretend to understand it all, being I always have trouble making heads or tails of this sort of thing. I know what happened is bad for the people of my country though and that is enough for me. I also feel that were the people during the itme after World War II to have stood up and stopped the evil that was starting we might not be in this mess today.
They did not stand up, but I shall. By whatever means possible and in whatever way God helps me to do so, I will fight for our country...in a way that honors Him.

fuzzys dad said...

A very thoughtful and thought provoking post.Thank-You for the post.

Laughter-Loving Stacy said...

Sorry man, I think you're being really extreme (Especially comparing this century to the book 1984. which I also disliked, because I'm not a fan of Orwell's writing).
But I don't have much else to say. I've been way too busy to keep up with politics, so I'm fairly disconnected. :-/ Sucks, but a lot of other things need my attention. :)

Paradox said...

So true! I've read 1984, and I completely agree with you. (I wouldn't really recommend it either...)

I think people opposed to the healthcare bill will have to be careful, though, that they don't become shrill. It will be very easy in the coming months to get angry and start saying things we shouldn't (Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are already doing this). If we can avoid such behavior, the "conservative" candidates will probably sweep the upcoming elections. Otherwise... well, let's not think about otherwise just now.

Lizzy said...

I'm with you all the way. (you probably knew that already, though)
I couldn't believe it when we read that it had passed (we were celebrating my birthday while traitors voted about America's future. And I'll tell you, nineteen years is plenty long for a love of freedom to grow and flourish in my mind. No one is taking that from me. Ever.) There is much more I'd like to say, but I seem to be at a loss for words.

sherlock said...

Read 1984. Its a good book, but I prefer Orwell's Animal Farm.

When I think about or discuss the Healthcare issues, I'm filled with a feeling of hopeless anxiety. I see that injustice is being done all around me, and I feel utterly useless in changing it.

To be honest I see our country as a sinking ship. A really big, really important, really beautiful sinking ship. But I have faith that eventually God can either reform our country or raise up a new one.

For now I'll just grab a pitchfork and join hordes of angry rednecks swarming the Capitol building.

HeartSong said...

Stinkin' government! But we can't let all of this get us down. God has a plan for each and every happening in the world. We are all like game pieces and God is like the player. He plans every move~including what the gonvernment does. We may not like it, but God knows best.

WildWeazel said...

That, Warrior, is the right question.

Araken said...

I think I know who's 'more equal' under the bill...

Mada said...

It's terrible when this happens. Here in New Zealand, the Labour government tried to sneak several bills through parliament that most of the country didn't want. And I agree, what's the point in making health insurance mandatory? Not everyone needs it, and it's just going to put extra financial strain on a lot of people.

Politicians are so arrogant. They think they know better than everyone else, so they ignore us. "You don't know what's best for yourselves, we do." Sickening.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

My brother mentioned 1984 when he heard the Amsoc bill passed, too. But I haven't read George Orwell's classic discussion of socialism.

To me, this isn't all that new. I mean, of course our country is more socialist this month than last month, but that has been the case for several years - and before that the descent was still steady, just slower. I don't know how to live in a socialist country....

But more than that, I don't know how to live in a country where there is conflict between the "governing authorities" and the "ordinances of man." The Bible teaches me to submit to both, but they disagree with each other by passing unconstitutional laws. Am I obligated to obey those laws?

A country whose authority contradicts itself is provoking its citizens to frustrated revolt. If we cannot know what is right, we will practice anarchy in the absence of clarity. And anarchy is always put down by martial rule. My ability to resist the force held by the "government" is insufficient. I think this is what they want, more than believing in socialist health care or car companies or banking industries... this government wants its outcome.

But what should we do? What should a believer in the mighty sovereign and good God do? How have other disciples lived under tyrannical rule? For what things should we petition our God? Would it be easier to just get a visa and immigrate? =)

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

JT Norlander said...

I think you hit it almost completely spot on. I don't believe this has come to a dictatorship-style yet, but I do believe there is something fishy going on, and Obama and the Liberal Progressives have trampled the rights and ignored the voice of the people.

I do think that an "unarmed uprising" would need more explanation. Would you care to expound? I'm simply curious because I don't think at this point that the government has done enough for me to seriously go against it. I will protest against infringements and such, but at the same time as a Christian I must submit to the authority God has placed over me until that authority tells me to go against God in a direct way that leaves me the option of go against the government or go against God.
So just curious.

I do agree with what else you've said concerning this atrocious bill.

duva said...

I think you ought to cool down a little bit actually.... I am not going to ask you to like this new law but I can at least say that in Sweden we've had public health insurance since 1955 and we're still pretty happy ;) Actually I have a hard time thinking of any western country except the US that didn't have one until now.. Besides the new American health care system is far from as comprehensive as most European ones. To make a long story short you make all of Europe sound like a club of extreme communist dictatorships (when in fact most of Europe is currently run by conservatives) in declaring this new American development socialism. Then again, no one would be happier than me for some socialism in your country but you're far from it, I assure you.

Besides, speaking of the will of the people, a lot of Americans wanted this law too...

Oh, and by the way, isn't it a curious twist of fate that my word verification for this reply should be "suger", which in Swedish means "sucks"? :P

RM said...

I'm with you man. Remember however, this is in the Sovereign Will and decree of Almighty God. He can work nomatter the state of "America". But we are commanded to take dominion for the Kingdom of God in all areas of life, so giving up is never an option.

Lets stop rattling our chains, and do something!


Stephen said...

Hi Spencer:
I believe that the health care bill is the greatest step toward communism in my lifetime, and since FDR's New Deal.
"Press on".

JT Norlander said...

I will pick a bone with you, if I may duva. The vast majority of Americans didn't want this. So don't say that we did, as you, if you say you are from Sweden, don't live here. I don't say what I think the Swedish want. Don't do that to Americans.
The vast majority of Americans didn't want this, and yet the politicians rode over our wishes. That's not what this country was founded upon, and that's why we are upset.

Andrew said...


I think the majority of Americans did want this whether they will all admit it now or not. The actual piece of legislation may not be everyone's cup of tea, but as far as bigger idea goes, nationalized healthcare was one of Obama's main issues, and, like it or not, VAST majority of American's voted for him.

WildWeazel said...

duva's comment reminded me of this allegory about how to catch wild pigs:

duva said...

Pick away as much as you wish, dear JT :)

I never said a majority wanted this, I said that a lot of Americans did (and of that I am sure, after watching and listening to news from many different sources). Of course I am also aware that a lot Americans think it abominable, but whether the majority liked or didn't like this I don't know, and neither do you in fact, since there's been no poll in the matter. Then again this was one of Barack Obama's biggest promises in the elections so I would think the fact that he was elected would indicate that the law has big support. Then again, I will emphasize yet one more time that I don't know whether this was the will of the majority of the people or not, and neither do I claim to know.

Besides, I don't think my living in Sweden makes me know what the majority of Swedes like, and neither do I think your living in the US makes you know what the majority of Americans like.

I don't want to pick a fight with anyone, I'm just trying to share a modest insight from without. Maybe you should try some modesty as well. Have a good day!