Sunday, March 21, 2010


Maybe I'll post more later, but for now...

Who says tetanus shots hurt???

(Yes, I got a clinic to shoot me up earlier today.)


P.S. Mrs. I still have to do the bitters?


Mrs. Brown said...

Yes, Spencer ... the shots hurt some awful! But they will still help.

Yes, Spencer ... you still have to do the Bitters. Sorry!

We continue to pray for you.
with our love and prayers,

The Warrior said...

What I meant was the shot didn't hurt one bit. (If it didn't hurt...does that mean they just stuck me with sugar water or something? lol)

Bitters: well...we'll see if I can actually get some. I'd rather get needled AND food jabbed again...and again. Spencer hates drinks, especially hot ones!


Mrs. Brown said...

Your shot site isn't really sore now? I'm surprised! Maybe they did give you sugar water! LOL

Now don't be that way about the bitters! And it's only a little bit and by the time you drink it, it's not really hot. I think you will have about 2 Tbs. of bitters and you put less than 1/4 cup ... really less, of hot water ... if you don't care about getting rid of the alcohol that is the base of the Bitters, then just use hot tap water ... and drink. It really won't be hot at all, just a bit warm. But please, find the Swedish Bitters. They are worth it!

And don't forget the dandelion leaf tea!

Still praying for your healing and protection.

The Warrior said...

Ok, it's slightly sore today, but hardly.

And my mom bought me pill form of the bitters...haha, I win! (Should I apply this to the wound area as well, i.e. crack open a capsule?)