Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Aahhhh! Oh man, I remember this guy! I had two of him! What's more, a little over a month ago I found a box of old toy dinosaurs that hadn't really been opened for at least six years. Having reentered the field of dinosaur model collecting, I had a fantastic time, checking out my "new" models all the while strolling down the lane of some of my fondest childhood memories.

At least I know who the maker is now (an added bonus for museum collectibles like me, they're from a Smithsonian partnership). I also have a Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Deinoncychus (I think?), Dimetrodon, ground sloth and Smilodon. Woot!

Dinosaurs are cool. Dinosaurs are way cool. 8-D



olde.fashioned said...

I created a monster. ;-P

Mariah :) said...

:D Made me happy. :)

The Warrior said...

Lauren: Entirely by accident, you notice. :-P

Mariah: LOL! Good. But...why? lol

Mariah :) said...

Why I liked it? Well, it's happy, and dinos are cool, even if in our family we play with toy animals more often than with dinos.

(We have a few dinosaur toys, but our big bin of toy animals is mostly filled with non-extinct creatures. My brother Isaac--now 13 years old--used to play Noah's ark all the time when he was little. He would literally spend hours lining the animals up and moving them into the "ark" one at a time. So far as I know, there was never a Noah in his game.)

The Warrior said...

LOL animals are great too! Just as great technically, I just prefer the dinos really. But when I was little we used to have a toy ark...but no Noah either. :-P