Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bear with me

First, I have an apology to make.

I hope you can understand what's going on with me right now. For the past week, I've been obsessed with the current state of affairs in this country. I've told you that I needed your help and that I would soon ask. However, I am going to have to put that on hold for the time being.

NO - I am no less concerned. However, as I've tried to figure out just exactly what needs to be done, and just what exactly this Unarmed Uprising is going to comprise...well, let's just suffice it to say that I have some serious thinking to do before I launch into anything too deep. (I also am working more than ever, am sick, and have this very strange headache....)

I simply have no idea how to do this. We need change--yes! Oh, yes! I know what we need, but how is the question. I was going to start barraging you all with "action items," and don't think I won't in the coming days, but I must refrain from completely formulating my "uprising" tactics just yet. I need some more time.

What I'm thinking so far:

First, SELF. If we don't change ourselves, if we don't come back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (sans touchy-feely Rick Warren-isms) and go all the way with it, transforming our entire lives, outlooks, and ways of working in this world, we're screwed.

Second, this is not just about healthcare. There are countless other political issues we must not ignore; guns, abortion, marriage, homeschooling...all of them come to mind. This is a total, all-encompassing thing, not one single piece of legislation. Don't forget this, please. You will see me continue to push hard for things like the 2nd Amendment and Parental Rights, etc.

And now I would like to present to you a few links that illustrate some examples of what to do that I think have merit. I'm still not done thinking and praying here, but this is a start.

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum offers the first glimmer of hope I've yet seen; a way to get truly Christian healthcare, outside of Obama's socialism-smacking bill!

Now as you know I don't always agree with Mr. Beck, but this week he's been kicking butt (from what I've seen anyways). Watch this video, 4:22 and on. He is emphasizing self-reliance; Beck says, "You wanna know when they're spooked? When we don't need them!" Here here! (Guns and survivalism anyone?)

In an old article I linked once before, Chuck Baldwin outlines his plan to regain American freedom via the states and only the states. Some serious stuff in here.

And here's another goodie. Ignore the Feds, and concentrate on the states. Antebellum!

My brothers and sisters, we must prepare for the coming fight. I implore you to search yourselves and the world around you; I ask you to take this journey of truth with me. We cannot afford to lose.

To the Death of Amsoc!


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Courtney said...

Spencer! That article from Chuck Baldwin was AMAZING. Thank you for linking it. Absolutely fabulous. And totally true.

Keep thinking. Take your time. We'll be here when you're ready. I like the thoughts you've presented so far.

To the Death of Amsoc!! All loyal Americans must unite.