Monday, February 15, 2010

'Satan's video game' makes Super Bowl appearance

I'm not a gamer, but still I notice how "evil" video games are. The benefit of this article is the list of games near the bottom; there are a few that I've heard of and am a tad bit surprised at, if it's all true--for instance, Assassin's Creed is about a Muslim killing Christians?

And besides--killing babies is just horrible, virtual or not.



JT Norlander said...

I think this game looks absolutely ridiculous, especially as I've read the actual book.

But I do have "a bone to pick" with your comment on Assassin's Creed. I own the game, and I actually find it intriguing, if nothing else than because of the fact that it's not just a "kill everything in sight" kind of game. It actual requires some skill and knowledge. And it's not at all about a Muslim killing Christians. The Assassins aren't strictly muslim. They are simply an organization who want peace, and are arch-enemies of the Templars, who want domination. In the game, the Assassin you play as has to kill certain key figures in a vast conspiracy to seize power and rule the Holy Land, which is what the Assassins are trying to prevent. You have to kill both "Muslims" and "Christians" though by their actions you could argue they aren't really either. While the game does do Bible and Christianity bashing later in the game, you can ignore that if you are discerning. I would only recommend the game for older, 17+ discerning minds.
Sorry that was long, I just had to explain it. :)

The Warrior said...

If you notice, I wondered if all this was completely true, my comment was a quote of the article's, and I left a question mark at the end of the sentence.

All indicators of my original intent (I can't say for myself either way).


sherlock said...

I'm assuming your talking about Dante's Inferno?

It's bad news... especially the "Lust" level. But a lot of the content has been hyped for publicity.