Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Here we go again....

In recent months I have been assailed by mini blog post ideas, little things that are more fitting for what they call a Twitter account than a blog. So, you at least get one today.

I ran into an acquaintance today, one whom rarely speaks to me. This time I grabbed her attention without even knowing it. After a quick greeting she hurried over to me as if she wanted to talk; due to her background, I guess is why.

"So what's with all your tactical gear, Spence?" (Again, in a world where most men have no idea what "tactical gear" is, I told you it's due to her background.)

"Tactical gear?" I said. "It's my keys and cell phone!" I showed them to her to see. Her concern instantaneously fell; she was no longer "worried". Yes, I'm the kind of guy to love and wear tactical gear. But keys and a cell phone?

Okay guys. Here is my cell phone case, and my keys are attached right next to it on my belt via this thingy. Both are black (no duh--forget who you were talking to?). On my keys are nothing but keys and key rings, save a very small silver utility knife (think like a Swiss Army). I was wearing black cargo shorts, sandals, and my Expelled t-shirt (is it just the t-shirt--again, really?)

So you tell me, friends. Why was this so scary to her?



The Warrior said...

...this wasn't my intent in posting, but the guys out there really should take a look at that cell phone case. I bought mine almost two years ago now and use it everywhere I go. It gets clipped onto my belt, thrown, tossed, dropped, and at the end of the day chucked amongst the rest of the stuff that fills my pockets. And believe it or not, I can hardly tell it isn't brand new. That must be what they mean when they say "hard-use gear", eh? And, no, I'm not being paid to say this!


olde.fashioned said...

Probably just because she's a moron. (And now you simply have to tell me who it is and if I know her too, because I'm dying of curiosity!)

guitargirl said...

Dude, when you said "tactical gear" I thought of something different and then went to see what the fuss was about. I actually think they're not half bad as far as that kind of thing goes. And I wear a lot of black too, I just get told I have "issues." o.O

Hmm, Twitter. Methinks you should get one. You can only make like 140-character-long messages, but Twitter is still pretty fun :)

Nuttycomputer said...

That's tactical gear? I would love to hang out with her wearing my 9mm on my side. :P

The Warrior said...

Haha! Now that's the response I was looking for. :-D

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