Saturday, February 13, 2010

Give Starbucks your money. Seriously.

Thanks to, notification by my friend Nuttycomputer I'm posting this article. I must shout my own "Booyah!" as he did.

Starbucks has brushed aside a request from a gun control advocacy group to ban the display of guns in its retail locations, saying it will abide by laws that allow patrons to openly carry unloaded weapons.

The national Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence made the request in the wake of a series of meetings in local restaurants over the past few months by Bay Area Open Carry, a group that hopes to make it legal to carry loaded guns in California. Peets Coffee & Tea and California Pizza Kitchen responded to similar requests by banning displays of weapons in the companies' coffeehouses and restaurants.

"Starbucks does not have a corporate policy regarding customers and weapons; we defer to federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding this issue," Starbucks' customer relations department said in response to the Brady Campaign's request....

Remember this piece of garbage I posted just a little while back? (And I don't get it--what's so terrible about that little symbol there anyways?) That's what the article is mentioning when it says, "The Brady Campaign has sent e-mails to its approximately 180,000 members nationwide suggesting that they e-mail Starbucks asking the coffee giant to create an anti-gun policy." (Yes, I get Brady Campaign emails. No, I'm not the Devil. I've always believed that the best way to win a war is to study the strategy of the enemy.)

I surely don't know Starbucks' policy and other important issues (homosexuality, baby murder, etc), but for right now, I really feel like walking into a local Sbux and saying, "I don't normally drink coffee, but I'll have the grande 2nd Amendment...."

Once again--booyah!


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