Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You aren't going to like this...

...but you're gonna get it! Here's one big pile or articles I've found. Troll through them, they're worth it!

Culture of violence: Gun crime goes up by 89% in a decade
Wait, what's that I hear? Hmm? Is it...silence? Silence, from the gun-grabbers? No!

The NRA has its flaws, what do you fellow patriots out there think?

Somalia to Ratify CRC, U.S. to Stand Alone
I must have missed it, when did Somalia become the standard for children's rights?

The Decline of Male Space
While this piece definitely misses the mark when it comes to the issues of the war on Christianity and the evil encroachments of feminism (as well as the positive comments towards Freemasonry), this is still one worth your while. The Lady Gaga comment is just way too funny!

45 Manly Hobbies
I think all of mine were on here?

Civil War Preservation Trust Rescues 2,777 Acres of Hallowed Ground in 2009

Pro-Abortion Feminists Outraged at Optional Ultrasound
What, just plain killing isn't enough for them anymore?

Is It Time for a New Reformation?
You'd better believe it's time!

Court: Mont. law allows “doctor-assisted suicide”

Edwin Meese, III: Stacking the Deck Against Proposition 8

TIME: “Europe’s Gay Leaders: Out at The Top”

New Jersey Senate rejects same-sex “marriage” bill

Pro-life group scrutinizing Catholic charity

Surrogacy threatens family, sanctity of life, and the dignity of women as NJ case demonstrates

Kevin Jennings: Weekend Recap
Please remember that this blog does have some explicit material, as stated in earlier posts.

Kevin Jennings: Anyone Who Disagrees with Him Is Immoral "Child Abuser"
Same blog as above.

What Recession? Michelle Obama Wears $635 Shoes on $4000 Per Night Hawaii Vacation

File an FCC complaint! FOX network shows beastiality
And this is also, necessarily, very explicit as well.

"You guys give up yet, or are you thirsty for more?"

Either way, you'll get more in due time. :-)



Lady Neferankh said...

Bwahaha--I really liked the hobbies list (Why is there no equivalently delightful site "Art of Womanliness" :P ?). Let's see archery, blogging, chess (back in the day), drawing/painting, hiking (when I get the chance), learning a foreign language, and reading.

And--if that question was addressed to us, yes, we are thirsty, as eager readers (not enemies!) for a lot more!

kindredblood said...

I am not sure how the CWPT article fits in with the others? Could you please explain?


The Warrior said...

LN: Lol bwaha! On, and exotic pets/animals should be in there too.... Science hobbies as well, eh?

kindredblood: Well, because it's a current events post, and that's how it goes down on my blog. :-)