Thursday, January 14, 2010

"I shall return..."

Tomorrow I am leaving for some time, a week or more. I will not have internet access nor will I worry about it, do don't expect any blog posts, comments, or answers to emails. (At the current rate of 50 or more emails a day, I wonder how large my email folder will be?) I'm going to be more than behind on the outer world, aren't I? Those of you who have my phone number, please do give me a ring should anything huge happen. Say, like a war, or something. I'd be pretty ticked off if I missed some big war and it was over before I had a chance to do anything.... ("An entire world at war, and I'm left out of it?!!?")

Things are better than they have been in some time. Still, everything good that is happening may be temporal. It is hanging in the balance, and I know not if I will be able to keep these blessings or if they will swiftly be torn from me again. I have no idea. This is simply the way it is. The Beast is wounded, but in my weary hatred, I cannot stop until I see him die a complete and brutal death. So, please, in my absence, shower prayers. Please. I need every one I can get. This is my last shot. God bless you!

And now, in the spirit of The Watchman, I shall only leave you with this next post....


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*Stacy* said...

Good luck on your endeavor :)