Sunday, January 31, 2010

The flashlight to end all flashlights

Is it really so very bad to covet, just once in a while? ;-D



duva said...

Hehe, my first reaction was like: is that real?! Did remind me quite a bit of a bunch of TV shows of my childhood... and not that I've ever wanted a gun but that thing just awakened a long-forgotten boyish gene inside of me :P

The Warrior said...

That's a gene God gave you that you should nurture, my friend. :-) Don't we all have it? :-D

I just kept on getting nervous as he put the barrel to his gut a few times...ah well, at least it isn't loaded? :-/


guitargirl said...

Woah! I need me one of them!! :-D

Anyways, thanx for your comment. There were SO many little vendors set up at the re-enactment selling buttons and stuff like that from the Civil war. It's a good thing I was already broke, because I'm one of those people who could spend unreasonable amounts of money on antiques. ;)

fuzzys dad said...

I want one.

Mariah :) said...

Oh, so that's why Spencer was so excited about a flashlight! :-D

olde.fashioned said...

ROTFLOL!!! That's a Spencarian flashlight if I've ever seen one!! ;-P