Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Review: The Hunt for Red October

Reviewing the silver screen version of the books that I read is becoming common here, as you may have already noticed. And as this was based on Clancy's novel of the same name, expected this, you may have....

I will be jumping off of my book review (read that first if necessary), so this will be short. I had no issues with content, only finding mild language, which is thankfully kept fairly low. No sex (I think we merely had one sexual reference?), and even limited violence for all those sheeple moviegoers out there (unless submarines frighten them, too).

The film was well-done, and even the special effects during the underwater sequences are fair enough, given the time consideration. The acting isn't at all bad, and besides my dislike for Alec Baldwin, you could say it was above-average (Sean Connery makes a fine Ramius, and Tim Curry and Peter Firth were also noticeably good choices for their characters). This was a good military/navy/submarine film, and is quite enjoyable.

My only real issues lie with the adaptation.

Since the novel was not character-based (as noted in my review), I noticed that I did find it difficult to remember certain things while watching this. It's easy to remember who marries who in silly love stories, but trying to "transfer" all of this in my mind was slightly more difficult. (For instance, did this happen on a ship, or a helicopter? Was it on a destroyer, or a carrier? Was it before this CIA meeting, or after? Was it this funny-named Russian officer that did such and such, or that funny-named Russian officer that did such and such?) Only a serious fan-project could speak clearly on this matter. Sorry, I'm not doing it!

Even considering the above, I did find a fair amount of changes--too many, for my purist tastes. My views on said topic may be the bane of adapting filmmakers, but honestly, a lot of the changes in this film were unnecessary.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is good and I honestly do like it, and I recommend it to moviegoers, but...the said changes just annoyed me a little bit.



olde.fashioned said...

Yayyy for reviews! :-D

Ëarwen said...

I watched this movie about two months ago, and thought It was REALLY slow.
I'd rather have Last of the Mohicans or Lord of the Rings =)

The Warrior said...

Slow? Nu-uh!

Ah well, it's Cold War, so you can't expect any battles or anything. I actually kinda find it fast-paced and exciting...

Oh yeah, and if you think that, don't read the book. The film was...condensed. ;-P