Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mass. Safe Schools Program Directors Admitted Explicit Queer Sex Ed Needed for Kids

From MassResistance.

Please note that the article discusses homosexual sex, and the blog overall (as it is an honest, no-holds-barred expose) contains quotes, transcripts, and other such explicit material (very, very explicit, mind you).




Lizzy said...

Eewww. I didn't read it. (Yes, I know I am an adult, but... eeww. I'll take your warning.) The title was enough. Any of my children (future children or not) ever being taught disgusting, sinful trash like that? Like HECK. This is just getting worse and worse.
God help us.

The Warrior said...

Ha. I don't blame you. You'll be happier not reading it all, anyways. This post is fairly tame, considering. I am reminded of the time when they got hold of and analyzed a packet handed out to "LGBT" youth.... I applaud MassResistance's work, but it isn't always fun to follow such research, eh?