Sunday, December 06, 2009


Well then, y'all coulda asked more, but since ya didn't, that's all ya get. ;-P In order of who asked first:

Mariah :)

n. If I was to choose an animal to symbolize you, I would choose a lion. Why do you think that I would choose a lion?

Because they're big, strong, ferocious, and always at the top. ...right? ...I hope?

n+1. If you had to choose to learn to play the tuba or the cello, which would you choose?

Cello. Sounds much better to Spencer.

n+2. In my book, which was your favorite story?

Hmm.... I can't remember, but one part really made me laugh (as did a couple). A guy and a girl...?

n+3. How would you react if you saw me climb a tree in a skirt?

I'd likely worry, tell you to stop, and when you didn't, do my best to hold you while you climbed and position myself to catch you if you slipped. ;-P

n+4. May I borrow a pencil?

Mariah, I think it'd just be better (read: CHEAPER) to buy one on your end!

n+5. What does n equal, assuming that n is the number directly following the number I ended my last list on?


n+6. What if you married someone who loved really bright colors?

I never thought I actually might be lucky enough not too....

n+7. Would you prefer to live in Australia and fight the poisonous or otherwise dangerous creatures, or Antarctica and fight the equally dangerous cold?

Well, both have fossils but Antarctica is lonely. I'd rather deal with the amazing venomous beasties but then again guns are outlawed...but I doubt you can have them in Antarctica anyway. OK, Aussie-land then!

n+8. Do you like Gregorian chants? any other kinds of chants?

Show me some, then I can tell you. :-P

n+9. Mittens or gloves? (If either choice was in black.)

Gloves! Very thin--thin enough so I can still pull a trigger without difficulty. (This is no joke. I am quite serious.)

n+10. If you had a ship, where would you sail to?

Uh...a couple feet out then come right back to dry land?

n+11. Do you know who Spencer W. Kimball is? (Or should I say "was," since he's not alive?)

No. Should I?

n+12. How loyal is a "loyal reader"?

Someone who consistently reads, even if not every day or post.

n+13. Would you consider eating spaghetti off of a table cloth, without a fork?

You forgot that I'm a self-described, contented barbarian. :-P

n+14. When do I get that hug you owe me? ;)

I already gave it to you! ...but here's another one, anyways. :-P

1. What is your favorite insect?

Ants are my favorite, and then beetles (scarabs). But since both of those are families, Pogonomyrmex barbatus and Cotinus texana?

2. If you had to choose, would you have a secret passageway or front door?

Secret passageway!

3. Warpaint or camouflage?

Camouflage. Much more practical.

4. Broadsword or rapier?

Broadsword. That means I can cut my enemies in half!

5. What is your favorite word verification that all of us readers have brought up?

Bexsa, of course! ;-)

6. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Not as much as Chuck Norris could chuck!

7. Do you like to climb trees?

Not sure....

8. Do you want to see a family picture from right before my brother died?


9. Do you like symbolism?

Depending on the kind.

10. I like the verses, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." ~ Proverbs 3:5-6, KJV Any thoughts on these verses?

Acknowledge that he is God, and he will show you your way in the world. Excellent!

11. What are you most afraid of?

Nothing, you know that. :-P

12. You are aware that you owe me a hug, right?

See above, silly!

Cloth handkerchief or paper tissues?

Cloth! Works quite well if you ever find a lady in tears.

I really like my word verification this time: icenthap. Can you explain that word for me?

It's a polar ice cap, it is! :-)

fuzzys dad

I see from your slide show you have a long gun. Do you own a handgun? If so what make and caliber?

I don't own one yet (that was a friend's AR). BUT, I want several handguns (likely starting with a Glock 9mm and a smaller, concealable secondary), an M-1 Garand, a pump-action shotgun, an AK-47, an M-16, perhaps an Uzi, and on and on. :-P


What is your absolute favourite book, apart from the Bible?

Oh man, don't make me choose! That is just too plain hard, so here's a short list, ten non-fiction, ten fiction:

The Complete Dinosaur, edited by James O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman
Dinosaurs and Creation, by Donald B. DeYoung
Thousands...Not Billions, by Donald B. DeYoung
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth Volumes I and II, edited by Larry Vardiman, Eugene Chaffin, and Andrew Snelling
Alien Intrusion, by Gary Bates
Frozen in Time, by Michael Oard
The Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi
The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
The Life and Campaigns of General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson, by Robert Louis Dabney

The Rising Tide, by Jeff Shaara
The Steel Wave, by Jeff Shaara
Raptor Red, by Robert Bakker
The Dragon and The Raven, By G.A. Henty
In Freedom's Cause, By G.A. Henty
Wulf the Saxon, By G.A. Henty
The Young Carthaginian, By G.A. Henty
With the Allies to Pekin, By G.A. Henty
With Lee In Virginia, By G.A. Henty
With Frederick The Great, By G.A. Henty

DON'T make me shorten it!


What are your views on the three following issues:

#1. abortion
#2. gun rights
#3. modesty (mostly, as a guy, what is/isn't modest for girls to wear?)

#1. WRONG under ANY and ALL circumstances. EXACTLY EQUAL to MURDER.
#2. What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is so confusing?
#3. I prefer skirts honestly, but as we're discussing from my male perspective, just don't wear anything too short or low-rise, and as to tops, nothing too tight or low. Makes it easier on the man brain, trust me!


Do you think its possible that both Creation or that God created everything and evolution could have both happened? Or in combination?

No, not at all. Both are mutually exclusive.


Oh wait, I just thought of one. Could you expound on your convictions/opinions on 'Fantasy/Msgic' in Film and Lit.?

Well, if the Bible forbids it (and in the OT law, people were executed for it), then I don't ever want to see it portrayed positively in my media. Short answer!

Could we all hear your testimony?

Yes. I'll give you a short version (for a long one, I may tell you or possibly blog it one day, you would have to keep on bugging me haha). Was raised in the faith, at 12 became very very serious, and have grown ever since. There! (I know, I cheated, but...hey...I told you, bug me!)


What is the Warrior's perspective on micronationalism?

Don't think I know of any micronationalist nations?


Aside from Bleak House (*snigger*) what is your all time favorite movie?

*comment ignored* I guess I'd have to say Gods and Generals, followed closely by Tae Guk Gi and The Dark Knight.


Have you ever been outside the US? If so - where?

No, unfortunately, but will.

Where (outside the US) would you most like to go? Why?

Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Japan and Korea, and possibly many more. Why? Because I am fascinated by all those countries pretty much.

Can you name one favourite verse from the Old Testament and one from the New? And of course - why would you choose those?

Not my all-time favorites, since that's too hard to pick. OT, you could say Deuteronomy 7:36, and the Luke 22:36 (Bwaha!).

Can you name one favourite person from that era? Why?

At least one...yes! William Wallace! Easy!

Do you think long hair is unmanly? Why/why not?

Yes, because I believe in the Judeo-Christian idea of manliness (obviously.)

Is make-up? Why/why not?

Same as above.

What do you think a Duva is, and why would I have chosen that name?

Well, first tell me what it is and then I'll tell you why you chose it. :-)

So, have you seen "The Gospel according to St. Matthew" (Il vangelo secondo Matteo) by Pier Paolo Pasolini? If so, did you like it? If not, which is your favourite depiction of Christ in a movie if any?

No, I haven't, and long story short, I dislike artistic representations of Christ (see 2nd Commandment).

Chairman Mo

- Does your belief in national sovereignty (at least for the USA) extend beyond the USA, and in particular to nations which are not Christian?

Hmm, not sure what you mean, but I do believe each nation should be its own sovereign entity, yes. Treaties and alliances are one thing, but the UN, for me.

- Why do you think evolution is such a controversial issue in the USA (as opposed to elsewhere)?

Because the United States still has many Christians in it, and we have the right to epeak and do so.

- How should your belief in 'freedom of religion' be interpreted?

Do you mean in America? If yes, then I have the rights granted me by the Constitution and the laws of this nation: right to free exercise of religion, right to free speech, right to bear arms, etc.

- How do you plan to become a dinosaur palaeontologist without accepting evolution?

Via Creationist channels.

Do you believe that the earth is at the centre of the universe? If not, why do you not belive in evolutionary theory (my point being, there is evidence for the earth orbiting the sun and for evolution but neither, of course, can be absolutely 'proven')? Is it to do with quantity or quality of evidence? (And actually I don't know if the Bible has anything to say about where the earth is in relation to the rest of the universe; if not then I guess the question is redundant and I apologize for my ignorance!)

Wow, lol! Question's fine, I don't mind. First, the Bible doesn't say the earth is here or there in the universe so it's up for scientific grab, so-to-speak. So, the sun is at the center. As to the evidence question, I don't believe in Evolution, 1) because it is contrary to the Word of God, and 2), I have great difficulty "buying" it via science. I see many holes, etc. and enormous leaps of "faith" that aren't there when we're merely talking position of planets. Hope that answers your question!

Well guys, those were good questions, and I hope I answered them well. If not, feel free to clarify, but no new questions will be answered at this time.

And now, an unexpected twist: EVERYONE who commented and asked me a question is now TAGGED and must host the same exact question-answer session on their own blog. Ha! (The only one who gets a free ticket is fuzzys dad, since his blog is news-oriented.)

So host it, post a link here, and I'll ask you a question, too!

Thanks, all!



Courtney said...

This was so much fun....I loved reading all the questions and answers!

Mariah :) said...

I'd likely worry, tell you to stop, and when you didn't...

Just had to laugh that you put in that "when..." yeah, of course I wouldn't stop! Done it too many times...

Spencer, would "Not a good time... maybe next year?" be an acceptable response to the tag? Especially since one of my two "loyal" readers is family? You're welcome to ask me any questions you want, through email, but... with Aunt Merri...

p.s. email on the way tomorrow... or, rather, as it is after midnight, when I get up later this morning...

Bethany said...

Very cool! Thanks for the answers!


The Warrior said...

Mariah: Of course, you can wait. :-) (Everyone else, what are you waiting for? :-O)


olde.fashioned said...

I echo Courtney that it was really fun to read all the questions and your equally fun answers! ;-D Several of them made me giggle, tee hee. :-)

duva said...

Well, I don't have a blog to be tagged on ;) (or I guess I could dig up one from oblivion but that'd be only you jumping in there because I directed you to it so if there's anything in particular you want to ask, you can do it here instead.)

"What do you think a Duva is, and why would I have chosen that name?

Well, first tell me what it is and then I'll tell you why you chose it. :-)"

Well, you failed the comparative Germanic part then :P Let's see about the Hebrew.. so Duva means Dove in Swedish, and you know my real name is Jonas... have a guess ;)

"you could say Deuteronomy 7:36, and the Luke 22:36 (Bwaha!)"

Uhm, I can't find a Deuteronomy 7:36.. (and I actually double-checked with my Latin version..). The one from Luke on the other hand wasn't that unexpected. It's an interesting part that I'd discuss some day, but not now...

"No, I haven't, and long story short, I dislike artistic representations of Christ (see 2nd Commandment)."

Makes perfect sense, and also what I expected I guess. But if you ever feel the inclination this is the one to see (Jesus even wears his hair short to please your idea of manliness ;)).

The Warrior said...

Duva: Ach, sorreh! It's 7:26. Typo. Sorreh!

Lemme think on duva, k?

Short hair? Hmm...I likes! (The people who paint Jesus as if he's a thin little sissy with hair prettier than most girls really annoy me...)


duva said...

"Ach, sorreh! It's 7:26. Typo. Sorreh!"

Ah, that made more sense ;)

Son3 said...

"'- How should your belief in 'freedom of religion' be interpreted?'

Do you mean in America? If yes, then I have the rights granted me by the Constitution and the laws of this nation: right to free exercise of religion, right to free speech, right to bear arms, etc."


*Smacks forehead in disappointment*

The Constitution guarantees rights, it doesn't "grant" them!

It's okay, though, you're still a good American Warrior, and this post was a ton of fun!

I posted my tag post, BTW.

("Thanks a ton," Son3 said sarcastically.)

The Warrior said...

Ok, well yes I apologize, didn't realize I used the word. Sorry, I think the same way you do though.

But yes, that's why I said about America--if we wanted to go deeper into "freedom of religion" that would take some time. So, sorry, had trouble understanding the question.


Son3 said...

Oh, don't feel bad or anything! I don't know how many times I've done that very thing (and much worse) without realizing it.

You got your point across extremely well, I thought, especially considering the sticky subject.

Again, great post.

The People's Will said...

Spencer, thanks for the answers - very interesting! And sorry for unclear questions!

If you want to ask me a question, I recommend you don't visit my blog because it will enrage you beyond belief, I am sure :P In any case it hasn't been updated for probably over a year...

This whole thing was good fun though - you should do more posts like this!