Wednesday, December 30, 2009

American Vision: The Demographics of Irrelevance

Now this is what I call an article!

But then, why would a young man stay in the church? Is there a “male” message in our churches today? Is there a message that gives a young man a worthy cause to work for and to fight for? Why would he stay, to listen all his life to the same sermon over and over again, in many different versions of it? Come back every Sunday to learn—for the n-th time, over and over again—that God loves us? Shed tears over the same emotional stuff every week?...

That should tell us how we can take our young men back. As long as we have a female church with a female message, our young men will prefer to stay away from it. You only get what you preach. The loss of our sons to the enemy is a curse, and it is our fault we have let our churches truncate the message to irrelevance. Today’s gender demographic in our churches is a product of today’s irrelevant message in the churches. You know a society by its men. If they are gone, then the society has ceased to be relevant to the real world. The demographics of irrelevance is God’s curse upon a generation that refused to hear the call of the victory of Christ’s Kingdom in history and on earth.

So next Sunday go to your church and look around. Do you see young unmarried women and no single young men? If you do, you should be alarmed.... A society with no young men is a dead society, no matter what activities it has every Sunday.

Let's bring manliness back!



Lady Neferankh said...

Very interesting post--though I think some of it applies to young ladies as well. I--a girl (in case you hadn't guessed ;) ), have often been put off by the "Jesus wuvs U" mindset that seems to dominate many elements of modern, mainstream conservative Christianity. I also know of many young women who are fairly solid, serious Christians, and have attended church for most of their life, being put off by the "lukewarm" preaching they've often heard.

I don't know--I think part of the problem is that a lot of branches of Christian ministry seem to be focusing on a "feel good" sort of image (this is one of the reasons I've been increasingly put off more and more Christian websites). The idea that our lives as Christians should be full of nothing but shafts of sunlight and puffy clouds. Such an argument--IMO--is insulting to intelligent, sincere Christians of nearly any age (beyond childhood), background, denomination, or either gender. Yes, God loves us, and yes, thinking of how He is all powerful and watches over us can bring one hope and comfort, but converting to Christianity does not guarantee a life that is inherently easy or pleasant by earthly standards.

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olde.fashioned said...

Okay this is FANTASTIC. And it doesn't just apply to young men, either, because I've gotten this so many times at churches it's not even funny:

There is no message for them. The church’s message concerns only the church and the limited scope of activities that the pastors have declared to be “spiritual.” Any young man with gifts outside the scope of these activities is left to feel a “second class” citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sheesh! Yeah, let's take young kids (most of which barely know the books of the OT from the NT) and send them out into the big wide world and into the throngs of godless varmints who delight in destroying the faith of young innocents with hardly more than a couple of Bible tracts...yeah, that's what I call good Christianity. [/sarcasm]

The choice for a young man in those days wasn’t “church vs. secular calling.” There was no “secular calling.”

Wow. I wish more people would think this way! It's like you're not serving God if you're not out there getting bloody knuckles from knocking on doors...