Thursday, November 26, 2009


So, how yas your day? (And don't even think about calling it "Turkey Day" or I might just bust you in the chops.)



olde.fashioned said...


Oh wait -- that's what we did to the turkey, ha ha ha. ;-P

P.S. My verification word is "sinsyme"! Sounds kinda like Cyberdyne, mwahahhaaaa!

Mariah :) said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got to have Thanksgiving dinner with some cousins and--some of their cousins and their grandparents. It was pretty great.

And, on the way home just now, I found myself in the middle of a Star Wars dispute... that I knew pretty much nothing about... I'm not big on science fantasy. But I did get to hold hands with a ten-year-old (instead of wrestling with him, which is what normally happens)... ;)

The Warrior said...

Yeah. Star Wars is pretty much stinky IMO. Little to offer for thinking sci-fi-ers...and the sci-fi that does make you think is something Mariah should never watch. ;-P

Mariah :) said...

I learned in my Children's Literature class that Star Wars would be better classified as science fantasy than as science fiction. I guess the short answer is that science fiction uses, well, science to explain unexpected things, while science fiction still uses unscientific sources of power. In Star Wars, this isn't magic, but the Force.

Anyway... I like my children's literature class. ;)

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