Monday, November 30, 2009

Survivalblog: Ladies' Needs in TEOTWAWKI

What do the ladies here think? Agree, or no?



Lady Neferankh said...

Not sure I agree 100%, though I think the authoress means well--but to be blunt, little "feminine touches of color" would be the last thing on my mind in a TEOTWAWKI situation. Personally, I think what would come more in handy would be something like say, an chart that carefully outlined both male and female anatomy, in the event of a medical emergency. The authoress also mentions pregnancy, and nursing issues. This is good, but shouldn't there be a handbook that might include info pregnant/nursing women should be aware of? Such as symptoms to be on the lookout for--or what nutritional supplements they should consume more--i.e. what vegetables they should give priority to in cultivation.

The "keepsake" type box sounds nice, but how about something geared for the whole family? Anything from a throwback to the old family Bible, or an album if it will be possible to take pictures.

olde.fashioned said...

Agreed! Although I would be more happy with an art book than flowers, methinks...(but then again repopulating the earth with flowers is way more important in a TEOTWAWKI situation). ;-)

A few more things I'd add, would be CHAPSTICK (I'd quite literally be miserable without it) in case any men haven't put that on their lists, and nailfiles. There's nothing more maddening than having a chipped nail that snags on everything!

Oh, and maybe some hair accessories. Like elastic bands.

The Warrior said...

I wonder how long chapstick will last? Nailfiles, hair accesssories....

Thank you both for your input. I am listening. Survivalist men, pay attention!

Anyone else have a comment?

Lizzy said...

Yeah, I agree with what she wrote. It will be important (beyond the common necessities) to make room for 'pretties' once in a while... while it's true that frivolous women will not last a minute (alas, I shall have to give up my shoe collection. :( :P), and that common sense is a ruling factor in survival, we females out there do need to be brightened up every once in a while with something nice.
Personally, I could get by just fine with very few 'pretties' as long as I had someone to look after me. :P I must be 'low maintenance'. LOL

(haha, whoops... first time I commented on this, it ended up by some mysterious circumstance on the post before... :P just my brainlessness, no doubt- or maybe a lack of sleep.)

Courtney said...

Interesting thoughts. I do have to slightly disagree with olde fashioned - in such a survivalist situation, chapstick and hair accessories would not be high on my list! In a TEOTWAWKI situation, most people would be engaged in simply trying to survive. There would definitely be a few more important things on my mind aside from 'feminine touches of color'. Like, ummm.......WATER and FOOD!!!! Also, if you have any amount of water and food in your possession, the majority of panicked citizenry will try to take it from you. Thus firearms and self-defense are crucial to any TEOTWAWKI situation. I think nutritional supplements and a good knowledge of herbal remedies would be highly useful. Also important might be a good knowledge of the natural vegetation in your area and how to make use of it.

Survival in such a situation would come to down to very basic needs, and most of the American populace would have a hard time dealing with even the most fundamental of tasks. In a day and age where people are dependent on TV dinners and supermarkets, a TEOTWAWKI situation would quickly become chaotic.

All that to say - I'm not worried about hair doo-dads or flowers. Like, really NOT.
Just my two cents worth!

The Warrior said...

Okay. I see I need to offer a clarification here. I guess I just forgot that not everyone reads and is familiar with Rawles's Survivalblog.

The article only meant that having these things might be a good idea AFTER you have every other thing you need to survive. I believe the authoress's intent was to say, "If all our necessities are taken care of, if we have food, water, shelter, and protection, then here's another thought that the mostly male survivalists might have missed." Do not think me as placing words in the lady's mouth, but this is how I interpret it.

So. Ladies, please reanalyze as such. NOW what do you think?


Courtney said...

Oh, thanks for the clarification Spencer! Then yes, I do agree with this article. If basic necessities were taken care of, then I would love to have some of the things the author mentioned in her article. In the midst of chaos, little touches of feminity and reminders of home would be much appreciated.

The Warrior said...

Thank you! :-) I thought she was making sense....