Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News Updates

Take a moment to check these out. All are important, some more than others.

Gary Glenn Responds to Regrettable Mormon Church Decision to Back ‘Gay Rights’ Laws
I am very, very dissappointed. They have backed down to the feminist onslaught. They backed down in the face of the Civil Rights movement (although that was rather an improvement). I remember when they helped us pass Proposition 8. Is this the beginning of their surrender to the sodomite hordes?

The Mysterious Island Rejected for Screening by The Huntsville Space Center Because It is 'Too Controversial' to Be Critical of Charles Darwin's Theory.
Well whaddya know, censorship of independent thinking? No!

4 Sheets of Parchment v. 2032 Pages of Government Control
Constitution vs. Obamacare. Didn't read it all, but the beginning had some good points at least.

Lt. Colonel Allen B. West On Political Correctness
Now here's one guy who talks some sense!

SurvivalBlog: Letter Re: Getting a Christian Wife Involved With Preparedness
Excellent advice on a difficult and all-too-common issue.

Naughty or Nice?: AFA's 2009 listing of top retailers and how they recognize Christmas
Very useful information; proposed boycott.

PETA: Important Brookstone News: Snails Will No Longer Suffer and Die
I got this in a PETA email (yes, I get emails from some really wacky groups, but it helps me keep up on their doings), and I couldn't help but be intensely amused. They mean to be serious, but all Spencer can do is laugh....

Muggers Return Wallet After Seeing Army ID



Mariah :) said...

Hey! I resent that.

Mariah :) said...

HUG, Spencer! Since we didn't get to finish that conversation...

-M :)

p.s. I particularly like my word verification this time, "thestra." Sounds neat.

The Warrior said...

Ach, darn! I'm sorry. I told you it would die. :-P

olde.fashioned said...

I'm also very sorry to hear the Mormon church has caved -- hopefully their members will raise such an uproar that this erroneous decision will be quickly reversed!

Did anyone really think a video put out by Vision Forum would really get air-time in a government-run establishment? ;-P Pretty much what is to be expected...

"Four Sheets of Parchment" sounds like an excellent book title! ;-D

Spencer, what do you think of this Lt. Colonel Allen B. West's politics, or have you formed an opinion yet? (I'm presuming you have at least a rudimentary one, since he's made it to your blog...)

I can understand both sides of the SurvivalBlog link question...who wants to live in a post-American world? (Oh wait, I forgot -- BHO does...hmm...)

Really enjoyed the Christmas list -- I think I'll be staying out of Gap and Old Navy now! I'm glad I haven't purchased anything there recently.

Re: PETA... Thankfully, snails are now out of danger, but Brookstone will continue to sell African dwarf frogs who are destined to die slow, miserable deaths. If you edit that sentence, it actually is very descriptive of retail employees. Hahahahaha!

That's pretty astonishing about the muggers! And if someone had incorporated that exact situation into their novel, I'd bet they would have been told it was unrealistic.

Mariah :) said...

Well, it died in a good cause. ;)

Mariah :) said...

Oh, I also think it's funny that while I'm saying that I resent that, my picture is smiling quite happily. (That's my grandpa and me, in case you were wondering...)

The Warrior said...

Lauren: As to West's politics, I cannot speak. I like what he said in the blog post on Old Virginia Blog, and cannot vouch for anything else.