Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Confession

Okay, I just gotta say, readers. I pulled a prank. :-P

In this post, I claimed that a "beksa" was a rare Malaysian bovid. I pulled a description from the air, and then pulled a picture later on that fit the description to make my joke more believable. Well, olde-fashioned was right (at first)--I made it up! I managed to still fool at least one person, so I was pleased. :-P However, I expected my joke to be discovered, but it wasn't. Haha!

Two reasons you should have known:

1. The picture URL says "tapir". You missed it?

2. I claimed to misspell the name. Spencer doesn't misspell.

Heheh. Sometimes I am just so wrong. ;-P


P.S. Gravelbelly, sorry to hijack your crosspost. I just had to do it. ;-P


Son3 said...

Oh, the power Cryptozoologists hold over laymen.

The Warrior said...

Did I get you? :-P

olde.fashioned said...


Lady Neferankh said...

Might we hope you will now enlighten us as to the nocturnal feeding habits of the--* glances down at her verification word*--flubrall?

Son3 said...

Nay, I be a Cryptozoologist!

(Actually, I didn't see the post.)


Mariah :) said...

I was about to ask how in the world I had managed to miss that whole discussion... then I realized that this was just after my brother died. Oh, that's why!

Anyway, nice picture of a tapir. Although I don't think that a tapir quite fits the first description you gave... perhaps you're lucky, after all, that I missed the discussion... because I probably would have caught that...


P.s. My word verification is actually a real word: waver! I win!

The Warrior said...

LN: LOL. Actually a flubrall is corrupted from it's original meaning of "furball". These fluffy gray creatures live in an urban setting and cause a lot of trouble, but only to those who dislike them. Some people simply do not notice.

AKA dust bunnehs. :-P

Mariah: You're just too smart. :-P

Mariah :) said...

I don't know about being "too smart." It's more like I have a little brother who's like an encyclopedia when it comes to animals... and it's rubbed off on me a bit... ;)

Word verification: Nonte(n) (From the Latin non, meaning not, and the name Dante) One who is opposed to Dante.

Just kidding...

olde.fashioned said...

Mariah -- I had no idea about your brother. While we obviously don't know each other very well, I extend my sincerest sympathies and I'm so very sorry for your loss. If you ever need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to email me at Once again I'm so very sorry! *gives you a hug* I don't know what I'd do without my brother...I can't imagine what you're going through. :'(

Lady Neferankh: ROTFLOL!

Spencer: It's a PLOT BUNNY, not a dust bunny!!!!!