Monday, November 30, 2009

A New Direction in My Reviews

Some of you may have noticed a slow evolution in my reviewing process. Perhaps not, or perhaps you haven't been around long enough or read all of them. Either way, it has come time to explain myself.

When I started my reviews, I wasn't very serious. I occasionally highlighted a new favorite movie or something. Then I started to dig deeper when I did do a review. Last year, I took an unusual step and decided to launch my song reviews. This took me in the direction of analyzing media that I did not approve of and knew so beforehand, something I had not done before. As I often say in my reviews, I don't always recommend this for everyone, but it's something I've always planned to do, always. (I've long wanted to write serious exposes on things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and perhaps deal with Lord of the Rings as well. While on that topic, would anyone be interested in a serious, conservative-Christian analysis of Twilight? Or is it too late, do you think? I am not sure what I would find, but I will admit that I am very concerned about the countless young ladies out there. If anyone is interested, let me know, because I'll volunteer right now.) So, it's time to start, don't you think?

You might have first noticed this in my Agincourt review. I wanted to finish reading it and review it, even when I decided I would have to give it a thumbs-down. There was a time when I was much younger when I surely would have dropped the book and ran at this point (sex in the book), but please do not take this as a back-down on my principles. I have wavered not. This is merely a different approach, a scholarly examination of media, actually. I've always done it with nonfiction (say, Evolutionist dinosaur books), now I am applying it to books, movies, and music. You saw this when I read and reviewed The Bourne Identity. I've asked around for a very long time, worried the book may have the content I found it did. I never found anyone who knew, or had even read it. Most people consume media without applying any sort of morals, and therefore might not even remember it. So, I read it myself. In a way, while I still review for my own reasons, I get responses that make me feel (correct me if I am wrong, I in no way claim to be what I am not) that I might just be conducting an at least moderately useful service for my readers. I've been thanked for reviewing before. Am I right here, or wrong? Please tell me now.

And on another note, I used to use Focus on the Family's Plugged-In alot. I often disagreed, mostly due to their love of ridiculous films and hatred of anything even remotely violent, but I have grown more and more weary. They basically lied (I hope it was a mistake?) in their Taken review (see the fingernail-pulling reference), wrote about the evils of the south, and the credit due Lincoln and the Union, and just recently, spoke against guns and declared that the martial arts film genre should die. And just tonight, I get an email from them that contains an article bashing The Dark Knight, and worse, it says, "Jesus...was pretty pacifistic." What?!?!?

Are we reading the same Bible here? Because, if I remember right...oh yes, here it is: Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. (Luke 22:36) And those are the words of Jesus himself. Oh yeah, but maybe Jesus was wrong--is that what you are trying to tell me?

They are quick to tell us of the great ethic value of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Finding Nemo, but if you like a movie with a gun-toting, manly hero, beware, oh wicked warmonger! (Might Richard Chamberlain be more their style, I wonder?) I am sick and tired of them, and even though I have long used them just to discover if the movies had sexual content or not, they are getting sloppier it seems to me. I am more feeling like investigating things myself instead of relying on these sissies. (They're so afraid of what they call evil, they're encouraging it. They're making me want to spit vile profanities, they do!)

I can just see these wimps. What do they teach their sons? "Now remember, Bobby, when a rapist breaks into your house and comes to ravage your wife, just love him with all your heart and don't commit any evil acts of violence, and God will look on you with favor!" Is this what you are teaching? You must confront these difficulties, oh spineless. You can't dance around them. Is this really what you believe? I hope not, but there are some unbelievable cowards that do practice such behavior in the name of "God" (think the Amish, etc.). To kill such a subject is not absolute evil; indeed, it would be absolute evil not to do so.

Sorry. Now that turned into an off-topic rant there. Anyways....

Certain things I feel need to be responded to (Lady Gaga, etc.) and you will see me discuss likewise. Other things Spencer just investigates because of his personal interests (see my upcoming Ninja Assassin review).

I'm also somewhat embarking on a little (haha) reading project. This isn't my only reason, but in the end, I want to write my own fiction and always have. If you're an artist, you look at art, right? I will read more fiction in the coming months (or [perhaps more) than I have in quite some time, possibly.

Expect lots of things. Some I will analyze, and then condemn no doubt. Others I will stamp my approval upon. Either way, this means that, at the very least, you can expect a review of the two Matrix sequels, and the Bourne films, both which I had before declined to do, as well as much, much more.

To my readers, be excited! To all weak, wimpy reviewers, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Doug's Blog: Cartoon of the Week

Okay, this is just too funny.

Survivalblog: Ladies' Needs in TEOTWAWKI

What do the ladies here think? Agree, or no?


Prayer Request

Don't ask what it is (some of you already know most of it), but it's come down to me needing a break or else.

In recent months God has given me a calm that I have no idea where it came from, and I have done my human utmost to have faith. In mere weeks all of this will be decided, for good or for bad.

Do it hard for me, please.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asking again!

Today is the last day of my question-asking session. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. ;-P


Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don't buy that they did "punch" him, and even if they did...SO?

Am I the only one who sees an issue or two inside our armed forces?



So, how yas your day? (And don't even think about calling it "Turkey Day" or I might just bust you in the chops.)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Origin Day"

So. They're calling it "Origin Day." After a year filled with Darwinism, we have to be reminded of the 150th anniversary of the publication date of On the Origin of Species. In case anyone forgot, that's the book that helped bring about such slaughterous philosophies as eugenics, abortion, and, oh yeah, Hitler's beliefs, too.

To me, this is a day that shall forever live in infamy.

I propose a toast. I drink to see the death of Evolution and the downfall of the evil it has brought upon our fallen world.

Who will drink with me?


An Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object

Sorry, Mr. Nolan, just had to steal your character's line there. :-)

Trivia question today! What happens when Vision Forum teams up with the Alliance Defense Fund?

Answer: AWESOME things happen!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The fate of American freedom hangs in the balance

I certainly hope you have already contacted your senators?

God help us now.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ask, ask, ask!

After doing it my first November blogging, and then the next year, it's time to do it again! I didn't do it in '08 it would appear, and my reader base has almost entirely changed. (Hey, are any of the original crew lurking around any more?)

For those of you unfamiliar (most of you?), you get to ask Spencer any question you want, as many questions as you want! You can ask him about views, experiences, likes and dislikes, belongings, or anything your heart desires, and then Spencer will answer them in another post. The only rules are: you have ten days (until the 29th), all questions must be in the form of comments on this post, keep it clean, and I reserve the right to (possibly) decline to answer a certain question if I see fit.

So, if you're a loyal reader, you had better comment, or I'll...I'


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News Updates

Take a moment to check these out. All are important, some more than others.

Gary Glenn Responds to Regrettable Mormon Church Decision to Back ‘Gay Rights’ Laws
I am very, very dissappointed. They have backed down to the feminist onslaught. They backed down in the face of the Civil Rights movement (although that was rather an improvement). I remember when they helped us pass Proposition 8. Is this the beginning of their surrender to the sodomite hordes?

The Mysterious Island Rejected for Screening by The Huntsville Space Center Because It is 'Too Controversial' to Be Critical of Charles Darwin's Theory.
Well whaddya know, censorship of independent thinking? No!

4 Sheets of Parchment v. 2032 Pages of Government Control
Constitution vs. Obamacare. Didn't read it all, but the beginning had some good points at least.

Lt. Colonel Allen B. West On Political Correctness
Now here's one guy who talks some sense!

SurvivalBlog: Letter Re: Getting a Christian Wife Involved With Preparedness
Excellent advice on a difficult and all-too-common issue.

Naughty or Nice?: AFA's 2009 listing of top retailers and how they recognize Christmas
Very useful information; proposed boycott.

PETA: Important Brookstone News: Snails Will No Longer Suffer and Die
I got this in a PETA email (yes, I get emails from some really wacky groups, but it helps me keep up on their doings), and I couldn't help but be intensely amused. They mean to be serious, but all Spencer can do is laugh....

Muggers Return Wallet After Seeing Army ID


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book Review: The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum

Well, it's been for quite some time that I have wanted to try out this book as well as Ludlum himself, and now I have finally done so.

First and foremost, I will need to mention the film (the Matt Damon version--yes, there were two). I may review both films at a later date (as well as the rest of the books and movies in the Bourne series) but for the time being will stick to the book. However, whether you liked the film or not doesn't matter. They should have said "inspired by" and not "based on" as the book was wildly different from the movie. The overarching plot base as well as some characters, events and places is about all that are the same. Very, very different. About the biggest issue of the whole book is completely missing from the film. While the film felt more like action, the book was more of a thriller.

So. This is one of those books you can't speak a word on what it really is all about until you've read the very last page. If you don't know, the premise of the story is a strange man with strange talents who has absolutely no memory of his past. This man, who discovers his name to be Jason Bourne, embarks upon a personal quest of identity that ends up being a little more perilous than he had first wagered. At every turn a new twist arises, and everything you thought was now seen in a new light. New events, new shocks, and a new way to look at all the information you thought you already had figured out. Topping out at 535 pages, I won't lie, this was one exciting book, and it kept me turning.

Ludlum's writing style is nothing to complain about--subtle, thankfully. I hate the try-too-hard, in-your-face junk. The first few pages felt too lyrical, but that faded quickly.

If you expect the book to have lots of action sequences like the film, then you are somewhat mistaken. While some events do occur as such, they are much less frequent. With the exception of the well-done scene with Bourne and his enemy fighting and attempting to kill each other in the dark, the few fight sequences felt a little off in my opinion, somewhat due to Bourne using too many fancy kicks in the hand-to-hand exchanges. Perhaps this is just me and my "reality-based" thinking coming through here, but Ludlum did not convince me when he described these few scenes. Then again, this was back in 1980, when the view of what was effective on the street was perhaps quite different from what it is today. (I haven't been able to verify it either way just yet, but Ludlum may have created his own versions of martial arts shouting (like kiai and kihap). "Tao", "che-sah", "mee-sah" and "kwa-sah" are used. Anyone know of these? Pages 27-28.) I had also heard, whether it be true or not, that Ludlum had a lacking in firearms knowledge. While I didn't notice anything really off, he didn't describe much either. Perhaps only the power of suggestion?

On the other hand, the intrigues of the book are utterly fascinating. This kind of material fills the book and is what carries and drives it. Bourne did not hold a particular interest for me, but the clandestine activities of spies, assassins and all their comrades did. Secret meetings, hidden agendas, banks, agencies.... Very well done, and masterful in scope. It must have taken poor Mr. Ludlum an eternity just to work out all the little plot nuances before even beginning writing! I'm guessing if I read it again, I'd catch something I had missed. (If you do choose to read it, I recommend not going out in public immediately after reading, otherwise you will dart your eyes about, think everyone is suspicious and therefore be suspicious yourself, and be tempted to drop false names. Ha!)

So, if it was just all of this, I would probably say it was one at least fairly spiffy book and give it a good review, but as is customary around here, unfortunately, I have something else to tell you.

[WARNING: SPOILERS!] I will do my best not to reveal too much of the plot here, but assuming you've seen the film, you know he meets and falls in love with a woman named Marie, right? 'Nuff said.

To escape the searching eyes of his pursuers, Bourne kidnaps a woman who turns out to be Marie. He threatens to kill her and is apparently prepared to do so (he says so), and he even strikes her numerous times as she struggles. He is intent on getting out of the building he is in with her help, forcing her to pose as his friend, or what have you, to make an inconspicuous exit. He had given his word that he would let her go, but after something of an injury, he breaks his word and forces her to drive him about. (At one point, when he obtains her compliance through force and threats, he is "...satisfied. Satisfied and revolted." P. 83.) What is the matter with you, Jason? What kind of a slime ball is he? While his actions come from the instincts of his past and many times disturb him ("revolted"), he still carries them out. Very, very unmanly, Bourne. Fight your way out, die if you must, but never, ever treat a lady in such manner. Bourne wins no points with Spencer!

[Warning: sexual issues to be discussed. Adults only, please.] After this, for some strange reason, Marie falls in love with Jason, and he with her. A few days after an ordeal wherein she was raped (Again, Jason's fault for putting her in that position!), Marie actually comes on to Jason and they sleep together. What gives?

So, they do it more than once (at least twice we read), and while not overtly explicit, we do get some descriptions. A reference to a sex act between them is later made, and as stated before Marie is raped (we "see" a little, and later she tells more--perhaps not good for female readers), Bourne purposely manipulates an important man by walking in on him and his prostitute (in the end to rob him), etc. I need not get into any more detail. As I said while not horrible, some descriptions were there. Yes, truly, the love story that develops between the two gets to the point where it was sweet and even a little touching in a scene or two, but do we really need anything more? Apparently Mr. Ludlum thought so.

References of varying degrees are found on pages 26, 37, 42, 121, 132, 144-145, 147, 160, 338, 362, and 488. Unnecessary! As my readers know, this will always get a bad mark with me.

However, I must admit that his treatment of her does improve, and the best of all, he did suddenly become protective and come to her aid during her rape/near-murder. Now that is manly, but what he did before was not. (It does appear that he feels guilt when he should--although not all the time--but anymore than that will spoil things for you way, way too much!)

And just when we think he might be learning the rudiments of chivalry, Bourne interrogates a woman, and while not hurting her, he is prepared to kill her if it is necessary in his mind (it isn't, and he doesn't actually get the chance either). ("He would break her, Bourne thought. Kill her if he had to. He would learn the truth.") An enemy? Yes, she most certainly is (long story short, she is on the side of those trying to kill Bourne), but it looks like Bourne needs to learn a few basic lessons in manliness.

Bourne does do other things; he steals, lies, and acts according to his instincts, although as stated before he is often disturbed by his own actions. Other than that, mild violence and some language is present, but in the end, that isn't why I am forced to give a negative review. Because of how Bourne can and does treat women on occasion (and also because of the sexual content), I must give a thumbs-down.

"I cannot let that pass, and I need you to understand that please." --Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins


Fight, fight, fight!

It's time to release my YouTube playlist. No, I didn't upload any of them, and I should warn you that not all of the songs are fully screened (as in the sense that I didn't analyze some lyrics that deeply--yet, however), still, take a peek.

If you like opera, country, or trickling stream music, then you should stay away. This playlist is for people who like music that gets them ready for war. :-)

The nearer the top on my list, the better.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Mysterious Islands, Film and Original Soundtrack: Now Available!

Releasing a soundtrack is always the way to go!

Who else is way excited to see this?


A Confession

Okay, I just gotta say, readers. I pulled a prank. :-P

In this post, I claimed that a "beksa" was a rare Malaysian bovid. I pulled a description from the air, and then pulled a picture later on that fit the description to make my joke more believable. Well, olde-fashioned was right (at first)--I made it up! I managed to still fool at least one person, so I was pleased. :-P However, I expected my joke to be discovered, but it wasn't. Haha!

Two reasons you should have known:

1. The picture URL says "tapir". You missed it?

2. I claimed to misspell the name. Spencer doesn't misspell.

Heheh. Sometimes I am just so wrong. ;-P


P.S. Gravelbelly, sorry to hijack your crosspost. I just had to do it. ;-P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art of Manliness: How to Escape a Sinking Car

Interesting. What do you all think of the seatbelt thing?

My comment on the article:

I would like to point out that many quality knife-makers produce knives with built-in seatbelt cutters and glassbreakers, just like the Lifehammer. Two that come to mind are Boker’s Jim Wagner Reality-Based Rescue Blade, and Blackhawk’s Hawkhook. There are cheaper versions out there, though (Boker’s economy Magnum line has an orange EMT rescue knife as well), so don’t be discouraged.

I’ve never used or handled Lifehammer so have nothing negative to say, but I just had to step in and say, “Look, you can get three tools in one!”,685,37.htm


Also of interest is this Lifehammer thing. I've actually never heard of them, but I might be sold already on one or the other. I have some of the same tools on different products and also intend to buy others, but then again Spencer likes a layered defense. Eh?


P.S. Post shall be dedicated to the fallen, wounded, missing and present of our warriors.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The House passed it

Gun Owners of America email:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It would have been nice if we were celebrating victory on ObamaCare today -- and could turn our attention to other issues.

This was not to be, however, thanks to House Democrats who campaigned as "moderates," but in the end, danced at the end of Nancy Pelosi's strings.

Saturday, the House passed ObamaCare by a 220-215 vote. The bill now goes to the Senate, where South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham -- hardly a staunch conservative -- has pronounced it "dead on arrival."

We remain convinced that we can and will kill ObamaCare, but only if the grassroots keep the pressure on.

ACTION: Write your Representative. Thank him -- or reprimand him -- for his vote on ObamaCare....

It's now or never, I guess. I suppose harassing our senators now is in order.

Isn't it about time you all signed up for the GOA's email updates on your own anyhow?


Homosexual terrorism against Christians?

As is usual, I link articles. I do not make claims. Either way, the information is available for you to study yourself.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Revolution Muslim praises Ft. Hood terrorist

Well well. The article says it all; I need not comment. I am sure all of you know exactly what I would have to say anyhow.

Thanks goes to World Net Daily for the heads-up.


Friday, November 06, 2009

Chris Brown forced to "take a bow"

I want this on the front pages of every newspaper and magazine and the top story on every entertainment segment on television. Rihanna is certainly a form of role model for many young ladies; it is time to tell those young ladies that even Rihanna will not stand for this anymore!

...although the pair briefly reunited, Rihanna said she now has "no desire at all to be with him."

Well, it took her some time, but I am happy that she has found her way out. And as to that sewer scum Brown, personally, I am reminded of that scene in the old, black-and-white version of Zorro. "Five minutes, five little minutes!!!"

See 10:17 and on.

Thanks to Lauren for the link.


ADF's Alan Sears has written a novel

Now this appears to be one book I really want to read! Donate $10 or more and they will send you the book. Christians and fiction readers, unite!


Fort Hood Shooting

'Tough woman' cop hailed Fort Hood hero
(Wait, guns can actually stop violence?)

I would also advise people to visit World Net Daily for a host of interesting information on the Ft. Hood killer.

May God watch over the victims and their families,


Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Review: Poker Face, by Lady Gaga

Song: Poker Face
Artist: Lady Gaga
Album: The Fame

[WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! Explicit sexual issues discussed throughout review; foul lyrics contained, etc. If you are not an adult, or do not wish to read such material, please pass on this right now. I highly advise all to proceed with caution. Consider yourself well warned.]

Lady Gaga. Where does one start? From a relative unknown to overnight chart-topper, Lady Gaga has taken the world of music by storm. With her incredibly catchy tunes, unique, flamboyant style, and raunchy attitude, this little "lady" has garnered some real attention. You hear her name everywhere. She appears everywhere. Her music videos on YouTube have countless millions of views. Fans can adorn a wall with the Official Lady Gaga 2010 Calendar.1 Kelly Ripa went as the star just this past Halloween.2 Owners of the iPhone can even purchase the "Be Like Lady Gaga" app; take your picture, add some hair, face art, big shades, and--poof!--you can "be like Lady Gaga".3 So what's the big deal here?

Due to the massive nature of the material one must wade through to even get an accurate grasp of this quick-risen starlet, I will attempt to contain myself to one song, as is my usual custom. However, this unique case will lead me to discuss Lady Gaga as a larger issue. I have been watching her rise with interest, and I've also done a fair amount of research over a span of several weeks to write this review you see before you. Thus, this will be my deepest-dug review yet. If you appreciated my Katy Perry review, then you will most certainly want to read this one. Thus, all I can advise you now is to strap on your seatbelts, 'cause this is gonna be one perverted ride.

I first became acquainted with her upon hearing her song Just Dance. Fast and with a good beat (often called electropop), Spencer fully admits it, he was interested. With my usual caution, I didn't run out and buy the single. I later saw the album cover and thought, "Hmm, ok, not too crazy here" but neither did I buy it then. Something niggled at my head when I thought of Lady Gaga. Eventually, I would discover just exactly what that was and why.

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in 1986 to a New York Italian family.4 With an early interest in music and stage, Stefani found her niche in combining the two, which is what we see in her work today. A firm believer in music combined with what she calls art as well as a follower of pop culture (in the Poker Face music video her sunglasses flash "POP" and then "CULTURE" in green lettering), Lady G is known for her bizarre style and overtly sexual themes (perhaps learning one or both during her days as a burlesque performer). Her abilities were apparently noticed by the famous Akon, and soon Lady Gaga (who takes her name from the Queen song Radio Ga Ga5) would watch as her 2008 album and it's catchy singles soared to the top of the charts.6

Now, the lyrics:


I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas Plays
Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it)
Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to start
And after he's been hooked I'll play the one that's on his heart

Oh, woah, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-a-oh
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got
Oh, woah, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-a-oh
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got

Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)
Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
A little gambling is fun when you're with me (I love it)
Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun (fun)

Oh, woah, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-a-oh
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got
Oh, woah, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-a-oh
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got

Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)
Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

I won't tell you that I love you
Kiss or hug you
Cause I'm bluffin' with my ******
I'm not lying I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunnin'
Just like a chick in the casino
Take your bank before I pay you out
I promise this, promise this
Check this hand 'cause I'm marvelous

Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)
Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)

Can't read my,
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)
Can't read my
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
(Mu-mu-mu-mah) all those who caught the references, I hope you're thinking, "Where do we begin?" because that's exactly what I'm thinking right now. I admit, although I have attempted to do my best, I will more than likely miss some of the references and meanings; this material has required some unusual research. So,that said let's start from the top, shall we?

Lady Gaga seems to be rather careless with the affection of her man, to put it lightly ("And after he's been hooked I'll play the one that's on his heart", "I won't tell you that I love you/Kiss or hug you/Cause I'm bluffin'...").

The sexual references...well, they abound. "I'll get him hot, show him what I've got", "baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun", and "stunnin' with my love-glue-gunnin'" all refer to sex. Also, when Gaga sings "Cause I'm bluffin' with my ******", she leaves no room for debate on the meaning of the crude word she uses (via placing her hand on her groin area in the music video).7 [Note: I refuse to post the actual word here. Such sexually explicit innuendo does not belong on my blog; this whole post feels like it's pushing it enough.]

And while we're on the subject, the music video for Poker Face is, quite literally, disgusting. Appearing in various amounts of clothing, Lady G (unfortunately) dances with the expertise of a striptease artist. The details of the video are irrelevant; what is there is there and it is all out in the open, for all to see. (On another note, the video to her explicit song LoveGame was x-rated enough to be banned in Australia, while American kids can simply turn on MTV and see it in it's full glory, or rather lack thereof.) Her Paparazzi and Just Dance videos are relatively softer, but even they are still incredibly suggestive. Did I mention that the song Just Dance is apparently about being drunk (at the least)?

So, although she claims she is "not a promiscuous person", Lady Gaga produces such material, and personally, openly admits that she sleeps around (as they so call it) and also has told the world her one necessary quality in a male partner (no prize to he who answers correctly). What gives?8 And when we see all of this, we are compelled to ask, "Is this all?" Oh, no it isn't....

As well as said material, the song has numerous positive references to gambling (clearly). So, either you feel like screaming and running in the other direction, or you followed along with our dissection very well and are wondering what exactly "Poker Face" means. Initially, the phrase sounds appealing, at least to someone like me (I guess you could say I have my own "poker faces" that I put on if I really need to). Therefore, we just have to ask, why can't her boy "read [her] poker face"?

When dealing with such a subjective issue, it is always preferable to let the originator define the meaning, and, lucky for us, Lady Gaga has done just that. So...are you sure you really want to know?

In the wee hours one Sunday this past April, Lady Gaga told her adoring crowd just exactly what all that stuff about keeping a "poker face" was all about. Lady Gaga's "poker face" is the face she wears when she is with a man but is fantasizing about a woman. Don't believe me? Feel free to check my references.9

Gaga has made it more than clear that she is sexually interested in members of her own sex, on numerous occasions and in many different conversations. And if anyone doubted still, the x-rated photos of her cavorting with her friend Lady Starlight in a club surely settled it.10

Check your horror for a moment, readers, because it gets worse. While Katy Perry received scorn from the homosexual community for her song I Kissed a Girl, Lady Gaga is the champion of it. The singer makes a point of performing at sodomite clubs wherever she tours, she promotes the cause of "gay" rights, and at the recent 2009 VMA awards she strode onto stage in a see-through, face-covering, red dress (sans brassiere) to thank "God and the gays" (she was awarded for Best New Artist).11

And just on October 11th, Lady Gaga spoke at the National Equality March (around this time a banner for the march was included on her official website12) for the "LGBT" cause. She demanded Obama heed their call for "equality" as they call it, screaming, "Are you listening?" Having actively campaigned for this event with relentless enthusiasm, the plight of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people everwhere must be dearly important to miss Germanotta. She closed by saying, "Bless God, and bless the gays!" Again, don't believe me? Then please see the noted videos.13

And if that's not enough for you, then let the lady speak in her own words, and I quote: "My sister texted me and she was like, ‘Madonna is 15 feet away from me. And there are two guys having sex in the audience,’...I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is exactly what I wanted. I’ve got Madonna and I’ve got gay sex!’"14 (Events described occurred during one of her concerts apparently.)

At first you may have been reminded of Katy Perry (as long as you read my review last year), but I'm beginning to feel like miss Perry is almost tame, relatively, no? Regardless, it would appear that the young ladies of our day all too often drink from the bitter cup of homosexuality. On the one hand it makes me deeply sad, and on the other, it makes me determined to do what little I can. And that, my friends, starts today, here on these pages.

Does it sound like Lady Gaga has an agenda of some sort? Decide for yourself (and yet again I quote): "I almost want to trick people into hanging with something that is really cool with a pop song. It’s almost like the spoonful of sugar and I’m the medicine.... And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time."15 Is it just me, or is this just a little more than a bit of musical artistry?

Lady Gaga has entered into this great war, and she has entered on the wrong side. I regret this fact, because, besides the fact of another lost soul, I never relish conflict with a lady. Take it from me, no matter what I would protect and fight for Lady Gaga like any other woman, and if I were her bodyguard, you would see me just as ferocious as I would be protecting anyone else if it came down to it.( There seems to be a debate as to whether or not Lady Gaga is really a woman, or a man or perhaps a hermaphrodite. This question is fairly irrelevant to my review, and I remain unconvinced by those who claim her sex is other than what is already known.) But due to the identity of her Master, who I am sworn to war against, I must take my stand in opposition. So what can we do? Speak out.

Yes, it is true, Lady Gaga knows how to make some good music. But, in the end, we see that this is not her sole intention. Whether she is the Britney Spears Redux or Katy Perry 2.0 is now a moot question. It is clear that she is much more. As a Christian Warrior, I feel bound to respond.


P.S. To those who may possibly have an issue with this review and what I am doing here, I say this: Did anyone ever win a war by hiding themselves from the strategies of their enemy? Can we as believers really expect to fight effectively while being oblivious to the issues of our day? Before writing this, I took a mini poll of sorts, and found that some of my regular readers had no idea who Lady Gaga was. Not that they were missing much, but on the other hand I thought it was time that they were alerted. While I wouldn't recommend this task of reviewing said material for every Christian, I have done it here so my brothers and sisters in Christ don't have to. The next time you hear about Lady Gaga, you will know what to think.

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