Monday, October 12, 2009

A Setback in our War against the Enemy

From Ron Prentice:
Our elected leaders have let us down again.

Proposition 8 became necessary as an initiative of the people because the California Legislature and Courts showed a consistent disregard for the people’s will. And late last night, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger again joined with the Legislature in dismissing the will of the people. Under the cover of darkness and at the eleventh hour before his constitutional deadline, Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bills (SB) 54 and 572 into law. It is apparent that “the people” must bring about the necessary reform, as many of our so-called representatives ignore us.

SB 54 mandates that all same-sex marriages that took place in other states or countries on or before November 5, 2008 will be legally recognized as marriages in California. Compare and contrast this new law with Article 1, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution, which you placed into law by voting for Prop 8: Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

SB 572 creates an annual day of commemoration – geared toward public schools and educational institutions – to celebrate Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual person elected to office in a major city. You may remember that during the Prop 8 campaign those pushing for homosexual marriage proclaimed that school children would not be forced to learn about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. But now, every school district in California is encouraged to honor Harvey Milk specifically for his sexual orientation.

Governor Schwarzenegger, instead of acting on behalf of children and the vast majority of parents who want their children protected from indoctrination in the public schools, has instead folded his tent to the pressures of special-interest. After threatening to veto all of the bills on his desk if he could not reach consensus on the state’s water crisis, our governor decided that he couldn’t “beat them” so he “joined them.”

What are the good people of California to do? We are to continue in coalition, finding more and more like-minded citizens who will stand with us for the traditional family and the protection of children. We must prepare for the continued battle, influencing at the neighborhood level against legislation and special interest groups, and even our governor, to transform the make-up of our representative leadership.

Proposition 8’s success was a huge shot across the bow, throughout the United States, of what can be accomplished through strategic alliances. We know what can be done, and we will move forward, with your help. Please consider a contribution to the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund to help us continue the legal fight to preserve marriage as between one man and one woman.

I can barely keep from cursing right now, so I will merely leave you with this.



Lizzy said...

Is there any end to the heinous lies they will tell, and the disgusting things they will do to pervert our children.
I share your sentiment. Completely.

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Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Don't forget to call, email, or otherwise contact your senator and representative to urge them to vote AGAINST the healthcare bill. Thanks!