Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reformation Day

Yes, for all who are new readers and do not know, I don't celebrate Halloween, k? Reformation Day is much, much better!

So, that aside, anyone see any spiffy costumes while out and about? Second place would have to be the two little boys dressed as Confederate and Union soldiers, respectively (Strangely, the bluecoat kept on backing in, retreating? :-P) but first had to go to this other guy, hands down. He was with three other friends, but I actually didn't even notice them (except one lady dressed in a medieval-esque costume, and that's only because I saw her some time before). It looked a lot like this thingy here. I was wowed, and said as much. Ooooh...Imma buy!

Anything interesting to tell?



olde.fashioned said...

A little girl clad Scarlett O'Hara's white and green picnic gown was about the best I saw, aside from the aforementioned Medieval-esque girl, and a second girl wearing something Renaissance. ;-D

I didn't get to see the Civil War soldiers, phooey!!! *pouts*

Mariah :) said...

You familiar with the "Where's Waldo?" books? Well, I was Waldo. And people had fun finding me.

There was one fellow we ran into--a complete stranger--who was more excited than most people and yelled, "I found Waldo!" No mere, "I found you!" for him. No, he had to tell the whole world!


Besides that, Halloween is definitely NOT my favorite. But I love to dress up.

I don't like the death symbols and the fear that accompanies them. Especially right now.

I'm done.

duva said...

I don't celebrate Halloween either, I stick to my dear All Saints (which is a rather curious tradition to have in staunchly Protestant Sweden actually). As a matter of fact I think I did explain that to you on CW somewhere in the deep mists of history.. however, I've never heard of Reformation Day, what's that, and how do you celebrate it?

The Warrior said...

Mariah: I agree. The whole demon/witch/ghoul thing is not pleasing to Spencer.

Duva: Well it's just to commemorate Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses...there aren't really any "rituals" to celebrate like Christmas trees or trick or treating. It's just something we reformed Protestants like. :-)


duva said...

Strange that a day commemorating Martin Luther isn't celebrated in Sweden.. Well, now at least I know about Reformation Day.

You'll have to invent some "rituals" then, you could go nail your own theses on the doors of the City Hall or something ;)

The Warrior said...

LOL! That would be too hilarious!

TravisChristian said...

I've been meaning to dress as Luther for Halloween for a couple years, just to see if anyone gets it. I was Chuck (from the show) this time, on last-minute impulse.