Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hannah Montana has been busy

[WARNING: Sexual issues discussed; links contain references, suggestive images.]

Holy cow.

I was alerted to this tonight at work when a very young little lady showed her mother a...rather interesting picture of Miley Cyrus. Then she showed me, too. Both the mom and I were not exactly enthralled.

Pole dancing?!? Hannah Montana? She'!!! Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I do not approve of such things, but it would be one thing if she were much older, say, my age or more--then it might be a little different. But sixteen? Where on earth is her father? I guess this is just another sign of the times.

Anyone remember this? I had heard that she was a somewhat embarrassed after that little incident. Apparently she hasn't learned her lesson.

My gosh. And all the little girls that idolize her.... If it were just Miley, then I wouldn't say this...but it isn't. God help us, and God help our children.



olde.fashioned said...

Once again, I ask...where is her father??? He apparently didn't learn his lesson, either! He was allegedly so upset about his daughter's photo shoot? This is worse, IMO. Not even the most idiotic of minds can excuse pole dancing as "innocent".

Time for parents to start boycotting Hannah/Miley's products, anyone?

fuzzys dad said...

This is sickening.

*Stacy* said...

Yeah. I'm not a big fan of Hannah, or barbies, I just dislike the big bad media in general. Poor girls.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Fuzzys dad: Indeed. Hope you didn't mind me linking you?