Sunday, October 04, 2009

Crazeh dayz

Wao. Weird stuff at work.

Tonight I helped a certain young gentleman, and during the course of the conversation, I discovered a like-minded thinker. A comment, not of my own, about "survival" led us to both speaking of our own...practices, shall we say. Very unusual for me--I would never have said a word had I not felt comfortable (and of course, there was a slight level of anonymity--I will likely never see him again). I ended up referring the young man to I wish him luck.

I always seem to have a way of finding the few like-minded people times, I can spot gun owners, Christians, and, with repeat clients, I will know which have potentially similar philosophies and those who don't. And I love testing my intuition, too. Bwaha!

So...I think it was Thursday, I finally realized that I'm not as bad of a salesman I always thought I was. You see, I have never been than great. Sometimes I can do okay, but most of the time, I...kinda stink. I've always known that I just didn't believe in the products I was told to sell. Would you like our new credit card? The interest sucks! Well, this time was different. I just happened to be walking by...and I get snagged to help a lady in the toy dept. Turns out, she had a grandson and a tomboy granddaughter who play together. The girl hates dolls, apparently. What should she buy for her/them? was the question. By her own choice, she stepped into the Lego aisle. And...she had no idea what they even were! In what was probably less than five minutes, I'd convinced her to buy a medium-priced Castle set, and without a single trick or sales scheme. I merely explained how the product worked, the benefits, and how it might suit her needs, and led her to make her own choice. Bwahaha! I guess I'm just that passionate about the product! Lego, wanna hire me?

Oh yeah...and apparently the Jehovah's Witnesses set up a table in my mall? Okay...well, I availed myself of the oppurtunity for free material. I always wonder, in such situations as these which I occaisonally find myself in, what they would think if they knew that I was not a potential convert; no, I was going to use their own books right back against them. Hmm.


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olde.fashioned said...

Yay for Legos! And yay for you for sellin' 'em! ;-D