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Reformation Day

Yes, for all who are new readers and do not know, I don't celebrate Halloween, k? Reformation Day is much, much better!

So, that aside, anyone see any spiffy costumes while out and about? Second place would have to be the two little boys dressed as Confederate and Union soldiers, respectively (Strangely, the bluecoat kept on backing in, retreating? :-P) but first had to go to this other guy, hands down. He was with three other friends, but I actually didn't even notice them (except one lady dressed in a medieval-esque costume, and that's only because I saw her some time before). It looked a lot like this thingy here. I was wowed, and said as much. Ooooh...Imma buy!

Anything interesting to tell?


Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Review: Redemption: Throne Redeemed, by Prudence Elizabeth Brown

Some time ago, I was asked by a good friend of mine, Lizzy Brown of Tinker Girl's Blog to read her unpublished manuscript. I was delighted to do so, and soon I embarked upon my own journey through her work. Some time later, I finished, and just now I am writing the review.

The first in what we are told will be a five-part series called "Sagas of the Truth Seekers", the book is a form of fantasy, set in a fictional medieval world. We get castles, kings, swords, and knights. But why this isn't your usual fantasy, we can tell by what we don't get. No wizards or witches, no strange little creatures or magic objects. Perfectly realistic (to be sure, as the authoress herself created the genre "Christian Realistic Fiction" to describe her subject matter!). And what's more, the only spirituality we see is a positive Christian leaning, or a negative depiction of pagan practices. So much "fantasy" nowadays is such trash, I was both delighted and excited for such a breath of fresh air. This won instant points with me.

Even better than this, though, was the main thrust behind the book. So says the authoress in the Author's Note, "In truth, the plot and the characters that make up the plot are a “last hoorah” to honor, true loyalty, love and real Christianity." As I read the massive work (it is quite long, but in the end I usually think of that in terms of work put into it, therefore it is a positive thing), I was immovably convinced that this was indeed so. (And I had better stop before I quote the author again and again here. Sorry, I just got excited at such an introduction!)

So, before I begin my raptures I guess I should actually review it first, right? I found the book to be a very strong character story, very character-driven. Personally this is not entirely my thing but appears to be popular with fiction readers. (In the end I'm not the best person to review a piece of fiction, I might add.) I would have loved a battle but there wasn't one to be found--however, to be fair, this is book one. The near entirety of the pages practically are all setting up the characters and the events to come--a necessity. To my excitement, near the end of the book a war begins, but I was insanely upset when the book ended before the fighting actually got under way! (Primarily, the book deals with the Christian Caidnor kingdom and their enemies, the pagan Aclenor.)

The book is very well-written, and we get at least something of a feel of old-style language (since this is a work of fantasy we get some leeway here, but a little bit was still nice to see). I suppose it may just be me, but I thought I could tell a lady had written it. (Not a bad thing, again--you usually can tell. On a side note, it would appear that Miss Brown knows more about being a man than most men do, judging from her Author's Note. Told you I got excited at that part.) We get a variety of interesting and compelling characters. Our main man, Aidan, is young yet manly. He has much to learn and it was of interest to me to see him learn under his mentor, the amazing, stalwart Liam (who just may well be my favorite character from the book--why can't he be real?). The main lady of the book, Shanley, is also lovable--lady-like, sweet, and all of the above--also a very interesting character. I found the difficulties between Ashler and Aidan rather humorous by way of personal anecdotes (Ashler is something of a, shall we say, jerk?). And did I mention that the book opening from the point-of-view of a "bad" character was an excellent opening?

Even more important, however, was the warrior-woman, Brina McTearnan. Now, don't sigh, roll your eyes and think it's Xena all over again, because it's so much better than that. Throughout the book we watch as her story progresses. We see the issues of a woman in command, and a woman in combat, arise (separate issues, really). We see them dealt with by Brina and by the Christian believers around her. A fascinating study for our day, dealt with via a strong exegesis of scripture. Excellent!

Some of the middle of the book was rather slow, but very necessary at the same time. How can you write a story without explaining it? Besides, Spencer gets bored with even his favorite books in certain parts. I admit I did get a little confused in parts; having to learn a new history, new peoples, places and everything, is not easy, but is something fans of fiction and fantasy are already familiar with (i.e, not me!). It felt something like when I used to watch period Korean dramas, and even then I had some sort of historical framework to guess with. Not necessarily a downside, however--I also should say that during the time of reading I was very busy and often read just a page at a time. Not very helpful for this kind of thing.

Also depicted are the observance of feasts (what might be called Jewish observances) in a Christian light, and also spiritual visions. I am not entirely sold on Christians observing the feasts myself, but in the end am not directly opposed to it. If we are to answer these questions, they must be answered by deep studies in Scripture. Running away from them will not help anyone. (Also raised slightly is the idea of betrothal, although, as Miss Brown has confirmed, my feeling that this was a peculiar case and not the norm is indeed correct. Besides, it is a medieval thing, now isn't it?)

On the other hand, the authoress also raises issues such as having to fight women in combat (the Chameleons), women having to engage in a form of work to even survive (Enola the scribe), etc., and deals with them in what I believe to be the correct manner. Pack all of this in with a relentlessly Christian worldview all the way around, nonstop, a good story and some seriously fascinating intrigue to boot (No way, I'm not going to tell you!), and we have one compelling book.

We do have several instances of the d-word, surprisingly, but only used by a "bad" character. Understandable to me, and it also generates discussion. Always a good thing. No sex whatsoever (only a few kisses between married couples)--again excellent!

So, no real issues here. Issues raised? Yes, but all within the framework of a strong Christian worldview. Excellent, excellent, excellent. (Should I stop saying excellent?) I can personally attest to the character of she who wrote this great work, and after reading it I can see and understand the purpose of the book. There is plenty of "Christian fiction" out there today, but hardly any different from the world's works and hardly conducive to serious thought, at least in my limited experience. Reformed Christians such as myself have a real piece of fiction to go to now.

Prudence Elizabeth Brown has provided us with a good book, but not only that, this is the most spiritually-guided, biblically-grounded modern work of fiction I have read. Her book is not yet published, and I am excited to read the final work (and yes it should be noted that my review is not of the final draft and my endorsement refers only to what I have read). Something tells me that you will surely know when it is published, because I might just decide to offer it in my Amazon store.

If you want a book for the reformed, for the Christian, for us, we can look to this one. If you like fiction, if you like good books and also believe, you can go to this. In the end, this is something we should all get behind.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Warrior

So how is everyone liking my new username? Yes, no? Tell me please. I personally feel like it's working well.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama signs 'hate-crimes' bill into law

A "hate crimes" bill opponents claim will be used to crack down on Christian speech, even the reading of the Bible, was signed into law today by President Obama.


Most Republicans, although normally strong supporters of the U.S. military, opposed the bill because it hands out federal money to states and local governments in pursuit of "preventing" hate crimes. The bill creates federal protections and privileges for homosexuals and other alternative lifestyles but denies those protections to other groups of citizens.


American Family Association President Tim Wildmon warned that the new law "creates a kind of caste system in law enforcement, where the perverse thing is that people who engage in non-normative sexual behavior will have more legal protection than heterosexuals. This kind of inequality before the law is simply un-American."

Wildmon said the legislation creates possible situations where pastors may be arrested if their sermons on sexuality can be linked in even the remotest way to acts of violence.

"It threatens free speech and freedom of religion and is totally unacceptable," he said.


The Alliance Defense Fund blasted the "hate-crimes" bill, calling it "another nail in the coffin of the First Amendment."

"All violent crimes are hate crimes, and all crime victims deserve equal justice," ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley said in a statement. "This law is a grave threat to the First Amendment because it provides special penalties based on what people think, feel, or believe. ADF will be on the front line to defend those whose free speech or free exercise of religion rights are violated by this unconstitutional law and to ultimately overturn this attack on freedom."

Opponents point to cases in Canada and Sweden, where Christians have faced criminal prosecution for preaching that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Stanley said such crimes are already punishable under existing federal, state and local laws.

"Bills of this sort are designed to forward a political agenda and silence critics, not combat actual crime," he said. "The bottom line is that we do not need a law that creates second-class victims in America and that gives the government the opportunity to ignore the First Amendment."


He said the adoption of hate crimes legislation has led to widespread suppression of speech deemed politically incorrect. The Pacific Justice Institute noted that in California, hate crimes laws are commonly invoked as a basis for further laws pushing acceptance of homosexuality in public schools and the workplace. The group also warned that use of "hate speech" terminology is also now being employed by minority religious groups in America to encourage suppression of free speech, as a prominent Hindu group called on Congress and major Internet service providers to shut down websites critical of Hinduism, including websites of Christian mission organizations.

The Pacific Justice Institute pledged to come to defend anyone who is prosecuted under the new hate crimes law because of their religious expression.

Liberty Counsel litigation counsel Matt Krause told WND, "It's a very sad day for America and for religious liberties in general."

He said the law will not deter crime or help the law-enforcement system.

"The only thing it will do is silence and scare Christians and religious organizations," Krause said. "It will penalize thoughts and actions, and it will not stop crime. It should be called the 'thought-crimes' bill."

He continued, "We encourage pastors and church leaders to keep doing what they're doing and preach the gospel. If they run into any barriers, they can contact us because we are ready and willing to defend them in any way we need to."

The White House announced it will host a reception this evening to commemorate the enactment of the hate crimes legislation. Obama's remarks will be aired live on the White House website.

Exciting, isn't it?


WND: Michelle contradicts Obama nativity story



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Parental Rights and Guns!

PRO offers this article to post on any gun forums. I'll go for Anyone on any other forums? Or how about your blogs?


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knife Rights News Slice - WE DID IT!

And yet again, one victory, and one defeat.

WE STOPPED CUSTOMS Pocket Knife Grab! The Senate has passed the conference report for the fiscal year 2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill with our amendment to the Federal Switchblade Act intact. The bill will now be sent to the President for signature. There is no indication that he would veto the bill.

This is the culmination of an incredible effort on the part of Knife Rights, American Knife and Tool Institute, NRA, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and many other organizations who contributed. Each organization made key contributions to the effort, without which the end result might not have turned out so well. Not many folks gave us much hope of succeeding when Customs first proposed revoking their rulings and redefining what is a switchblade back in May. At a time when bipartisanship is rare as hen's teeth in Washington, we garnered support from both sides of the aisle.

We succeeded because the coalition of groups that came together to fight Customs represented a broad swath of American industry and grassroots. We succeeded in large part because of YOUR contributions, letters and calls in support of our efforts. You can give yourself a pat on the back for your effort and a job well done against all odds. It is time to pop the cork on that bottle of champagne and celebrate a victory for your knife rights and for all America.

To help you celebrate and commemorate this incredible victory, please purchase one of our collectible "WE STOPPED Customs Pocket Knife Grab" coffee mugs, t-shirts or sweatshirts, available for a limited time only: Proceeds will help pay off the incredibly high cost of accomplishing this victory.

Knife Rights has quickly grown to become America's largest grassroots knife owners organization. This latest fight against Customs Pocket Knife Grab has validated the power and importance of a dedicated grass roots organization in defending your knife rights. Now we have to finish paying pay for this effort. It took a great deal of money to accomplish all this. Carrying a fight like this to Washington cannot be done without lots of cash. The victory isn't complete until we pay the bills.

So sorry, but you lose this time.


P.S. Anyone check out their cafepress store? Man, if I had extra funds today, I'd say, "Imma get me a new wardrobe!" But then with such a wardrobe you'd need new knives, now wouldn't you?...

California gun owners now treated little better than convicts

He signed it.

And if you're still one of that unlucky as of yet unescaped number of California detainees, you can sign a repeal petition here.

I wish that they would realize that they can never really win. As we established in my last post, if necessary the use of force (in such cases) is more than justifiable, it is required.

You know...I'm no historian, but if I'm not mistaken, all throughout history it's kinda been a bad idea to go against God. Or did I just read my right-wing, Christian, terrorist, extremist history wrong when I was an imprisoned and abused homeschooled child?


Monday, October 19, 2009

WARSKYL: Self Defense and Holiness

To my fellow warrior readers out there,

If you are a warrior in Christ, then I strongly suggest that you read this. And, moreover, if you've ever questioned the justifiability of protective violence, then again, read this. And, if you still don't accept it, then it is high time that you learned the truth.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Warriors "Join Forces"

Ken Ham and Doug Phillips on The Mysterious Islands. I can't wait to see this!


Vision Forum "Provision and Protection" 2010 Catalog

Check this spiffy online catalog out! I'm sold on some of their new stuff. Check out a fair amount of survival products as well. It fascinates me to no end, whenever I get into something, a VF catalog follows soon after, but not before. What gives? :-P


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Small Victory

From the HSLDA E-lert Service:

Bill: AB 66 - Work Permits - Effective January 1, 2010,

Author: Assembly Member Joel Anderson

Position: Strongly Supported - worked behind the scenes to get it passed

Status: Signed into Law - A Wonderful Victory!!

We are very grateful to God to be able to report that AB 66 has been signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger! A big thanks to all who wrote the Governor.

Mary Schofield has worked diligently as our (Family Protection Ministries') special consultant for several years to make it easier for private homeschool high school students to be able to obtain work permits. AB 66 represents an incredible step forward from the past requirements.

For the first time, private school principals or other administrators will be able to issue work permits to their students without having to obtain authorization from the local school superintendent. This provision of AB 66 includes both campus-based private schools and private school satellite programs (PSPs). Another provision of AB 66 clarifies additional options for any private school student to obtain a work permit if the principal or administrator of his private school does not issue work permits.

You will want to read our paper, New Work Permit Law - Effective January 1, 2010, at for more on this new work permit law, and to understand some important details.

NO further action is needed on AB 66.

It is amazing, how with one hand this man can do such evil, and on the other, he does this. I don't know what gives, but I'm not complaining.


Monday, October 12, 2009

A Setback in our War against the Enemy

From Ron Prentice:
Our elected leaders have let us down again.

Proposition 8 became necessary as an initiative of the people because the California Legislature and Courts showed a consistent disregard for the people’s will. And late last night, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger again joined with the Legislature in dismissing the will of the people. Under the cover of darkness and at the eleventh hour before his constitutional deadline, Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bills (SB) 54 and 572 into law. It is apparent that “the people” must bring about the necessary reform, as many of our so-called representatives ignore us.

SB 54 mandates that all same-sex marriages that took place in other states or countries on or before November 5, 2008 will be legally recognized as marriages in California. Compare and contrast this new law with Article 1, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution, which you placed into law by voting for Prop 8: Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

SB 572 creates an annual day of commemoration – geared toward public schools and educational institutions – to celebrate Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual person elected to office in a major city. You may remember that during the Prop 8 campaign those pushing for homosexual marriage proclaimed that school children would not be forced to learn about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. But now, every school district in California is encouraged to honor Harvey Milk specifically for his sexual orientation.

Governor Schwarzenegger, instead of acting on behalf of children and the vast majority of parents who want their children protected from indoctrination in the public schools, has instead folded his tent to the pressures of special-interest. After threatening to veto all of the bills on his desk if he could not reach consensus on the state’s water crisis, our governor decided that he couldn’t “beat them” so he “joined them.”

What are the good people of California to do? We are to continue in coalition, finding more and more like-minded citizens who will stand with us for the traditional family and the protection of children. We must prepare for the continued battle, influencing at the neighborhood level against legislation and special interest groups, and even our governor, to transform the make-up of our representative leadership.

Proposition 8’s success was a huge shot across the bow, throughout the United States, of what can be accomplished through strategic alliances. We know what can be done, and we will move forward, with your help. Please consider a contribution to the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund to help us continue the legal fight to preserve marriage as between one man and one woman.

I can barely keep from cursing right now, so I will merely leave you with this.


The Roots of WARSKYL

This shall be my first post as The Warrior. Please read all of them, 1-8, but if you must, just read 7 and 8. If you've ever wondered if a white believer can marry a black believer, this will be well worth your while (as well as for other reasons of course).

Don't miss out!


I am now The Warrior

Well, it took me a thousand years, but I finally changed my name to "The Warrior" as decided. I am trying it out, so we shall see if I keep it that way. I am very reluctant to change it, and if anyone decides they do not like it please let me know in the comments below.

But in the end I think it fits me better, and the evolution of my blog. What do you all think?

Or, the artist formerly known as Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

P.S. If you're a blog acquaintance, yes, I am the dude that commented on your blog, I just changed my name and that's all, k? :-)

Christopher J. Klicka, Esq.: 1961-2009

So sad, so terribly sad...but we all know where he is, and when I see my God I will thereafter see this man, too. Let us extend prayers to the family, shall we?


Just a Little Hairy Ape

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LEGO Atlantis 2010

Aye! I must have these! A squid? New parts? ...wowza


Friday, October 09, 2009

There is no Dream

I had one freaky dream two nights ago.

I woke up when it was still dark, realizing I had been dreaming. I didn't jolt awake, thankfully, but the dream, if it had been real, would have been horrifying.

I seemed to be in some sort of high-tech headquarters, say, where you might find the CIA or FBI in the movies. I was with many other people, very official, FBI/CIA-looking. Also, there appeared to be characters from the Matrix films. Morpheus appeared more than once, Trinity may have been there, and...well, I think I was Neo! (Not gonna argue with that. Hey, can I have his wardrobe?)

What was troubling us was...strange, however. We could not escape the building complex due to an excellent security system. What triggered that system, is hard to describe. Suffice it to say it was an army of amoeba-like monsters, except they were huge, bigger than a human. I'm not sure if it was one giant organism or if there were multiple beings, all I'm sure of is that they were slowly picking us off. As we attempted to find a way out, we continued to lose people. I myself narrowly escaped being eaten in what appeared to be a full-blown locker room (another man wasn't so lucky). They knew no bounds. They could squeeze through anything, go up, down, anywhere, and what was worse, nothing we had could fight them. (Okay, I admit it, I saw a minute of the 1988 version of The Blob on TV, okay?)

I don't know how this terror trial ended, but it did, and the dream ended on a note of hope as one building (the revamped headquarters?) was being constructed as I watched. An enormously thick concrete slab was placed beneath the foundation, deep underground. Beneath this was a strange (and illogical) series of spaces equipped with a new technology that might be called subterranean munitions. Since the beings came from beneath ground much of the time (Like Tremors?), this would be a way to help stop them. Not infallible, but a start. This was to be life on earth for the rest of time.

So, whatcha think? Apparently, Neo kicks the can in this arena!


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0

I kinda wanted to be Neo, but in the end I think this is a better compliment.

You Scored as Batman, the Dark Knight

As the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman is a vigilante who deals out his own brand of justice to the criminals and corrupt of the city. He follows his own code and is often misunderstood. He has few friends or allies, but finds comfort in his cause.

Batman, the Dark Knight
William Wallace
Neo, the "One"
Lara Croft
The Terminator
Indiana Jones
James Bond, Agent 007
El Zorro
The Amazing Spider-Man
Captain Jack Sparrow


ObamaCare Could be Used to Ban Guns in Home Self-Defense

Whoopi Goldberg was Right. . . Sort Of!

Political Opposition to Destructive “Net Neutrality” Gains Momentum

Holdren: Ice age will kill 1 billion

Noble Peace Prize


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SurvivalBlog Reader's Favorite Survivalist Fiction

I haven't heard of many of these, but still, some might be worth checking out, eh?


Old Virginia Blog: Big Brother Is Watching Bloggers

To any and all affiliates out there, you will want to read this. It would appear that the FTC can fine you and I $11,000 now?


P.S. Thanks again to Richard G. Williams of Old Virginia Blog.

George Washington speaks

"The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die."
--George Washington

Very Spenceresque. ;-P

Also see my sidebar for lots of new quotes!


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hannah Montana has been busy

[WARNING: Sexual issues discussed; links contain references, suggestive images.]

Holy cow.

I was alerted to this tonight at work when a very young little lady showed her mother a...rather interesting picture of Miley Cyrus. Then she showed me, too. Both the mom and I were not exactly enthralled.

Pole dancing?!? Hannah Montana? She'!!! Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I do not approve of such things, but it would be one thing if she were much older, say, my age or more--then it might be a little different. But sixteen? Where on earth is her father? I guess this is just another sign of the times.

Anyone remember this? I had heard that she was a somewhat embarrassed after that little incident. Apparently she hasn't learned her lesson.

My gosh. And all the little girls that idolize her.... If it were just Miley, then I wouldn't say this...but it isn't. God help us, and God help our children.


Crazeh dayz

Wao. Weird stuff at work.

Tonight I helped a certain young gentleman, and during the course of the conversation, I discovered a like-minded thinker. A comment, not of my own, about "survival" led us to both speaking of our own...practices, shall we say. Very unusual for me--I would never have said a word had I not felt comfortable (and of course, there was a slight level of anonymity--I will likely never see him again). I ended up referring the young man to I wish him luck.

I always seem to have a way of finding the few like-minded people times, I can spot gun owners, Christians, and, with repeat clients, I will know which have potentially similar philosophies and those who don't. And I love testing my intuition, too. Bwaha!

So...I think it was Thursday, I finally realized that I'm not as bad of a salesman I always thought I was. You see, I have never been than great. Sometimes I can do okay, but most of the time, I...kinda stink. I've always known that I just didn't believe in the products I was told to sell. Would you like our new credit card? The interest sucks! Well, this time was different. I just happened to be walking by...and I get snagged to help a lady in the toy dept. Turns out, she had a grandson and a tomboy granddaughter who play together. The girl hates dolls, apparently. What should she buy for her/them? was the question. By her own choice, she stepped into the Lego aisle. And...she had no idea what they even were! In what was probably less than five minutes, I'd convinced her to buy a medium-priced Castle set, and without a single trick or sales scheme. I merely explained how the product worked, the benefits, and how it might suit her needs, and led her to make her own choice. Bwahaha! I guess I'm just that passionate about the product! Lego, wanna hire me?

Oh yeah...and apparently the Jehovah's Witnesses set up a table in my mall? Okay...well, I availed myself of the oppurtunity for free material. I always wonder, in such situations as these which I occaisonally find myself in, what they would think if they knew that I was not a potential convert; no, I was going to use their own books right back against them. Hmm.


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Parental / Knife Rights

Back to the grind, peeps!

Parental Rights:



Back in July, we held a phone blitz campaign and gathered 7 new House cosponsors and 1 new senator. Over the last two weeks, we picked up 7 new House cosponsors and TWO new senators. This puts us over 120 cosponsors in the U.S. House, along with 6 senators.

This success is because we haven’t been just sitting around since July. We are constantly increasing our numbers, so that we can persuade even the tougher congressmen to get onboard.

We were especially excited by one of our new cosponsors, because in the first letter we received from him back in March, he told us he simply could not support an amendment to the Constitution. We sent him information, he received lots of phone calls and letters, and a couple of months later he said he would look into it. After a few more months, he seemed likely to vote in favor of it, but not willing to sign on. Then, during this last phone blitz, he was finally persuaded of the need – and of the degree to which his constituents agree with that need – and he signed on to cosponsor the bill.

Now that this latest phone blitz is finished, it’s time to build our numbers even higher for the next one. If we are faithful to do this, we will continue to see success even as the challenges grow, because we will be ready for them – just as we were this time.

To that end, we would like to urge you this week to write an Op-Ed or a Letter to the Editor for your local paper. There are a few examples linked from this page, and there is a current example linked from our new Parental Rights in the News page in case you need some ideas to get you started.

Speaking of our Parental Rights in the News page, you can find a link to this in a red box in the center of our Home Page, and we will be updating this new feature daily, or at least as often as we can. There are a lot of news stories out there that we see but that you may have missed. We don’t have the time and staff to write about all of them, but we want to make them available to you. So, we’ve gathered them in one place so that you can get parental rights news – and stories you can share with your friends as you tell them about the Amendment – all in one convenient place. (For those of you with computer savvy, we are working on setting this up as an RSS channel as well.)

Our Constitution Week Call Campaign, which ended up lasting two weeks instead of one, was a success, and for that we thank you all. Now it is time to gear up for the next one. So write that Op-Ed, or gather those email addresses, or enlist those friends today. The need for a constitutional amendment to preserve the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is great, but each congressman seems a little more “hard of hearing.” Let’s raise enough voices to be sure they hear us the next time we call!

Knife Rights:

Knife Rights - Home


On September 16th Knife Rights participated in a lobby day on Capitol Hill, along with representatives of the American Knife and Tool Institute, the NRA and the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation. Representing Knife Rights were Doug Ritter, Pete Brownell and Jason Kunkler (from While it was an exhausting, and at times frustrating, experience, it was clearly beneficial that House Committee and Member staff heard from us why it was so important to retain the Senate Amendment 1447 in the final Homeland Security Appropriations bill. I am confident that had we not made this effort, we might not succeed in the end.

As for that, we are all still waiting. We remain cautiously optimistic, but it isn't a done deal by any means.

Today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) indicated on the floor that he hoped to have the DHS Appropriations Conference Committee report on the House floor next Thursday. That is no guarantee, but at least gives notice of what they are aiming for.

Also today, the Speaker of the House appointed House Conferees for the DHS Appropriations bill.

If any of the Representatives below represent your district or you are from their state, please contact them immediately and ask them for their support to keep Senate Amendment 1447 in the final bill. If you operate a business that is involved in the knife industry or if knives are an integral part of your business' or employee's operations or activities, tell them that this amendment protecting assisted opening knives is critical to your business. Keep your call POLITE, SHORT and TO THE POINT! Do NOT ramble, do NOT discuss any other issues. This call should take no more than a minute or two, total, except for any time on hold. If you cannot follow these simple rules, please don't call. Again, keep your call POLITE, SHORT and TO THE POINT!

At this point, PHONE Calls are BEST, FAX next, emails last. You can call their local district office; you don't necessarily have to contact the D.C. office.

You can find your Representative's web site with their phone numbers at:

DHS Appropriations Committee Conferees:

David R. Obey (D-WI)
David E. Price (D-NC)
Jose E. Serrano (D-NY)
Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX)
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD)
Alan B. Mollohan (D-WV)
Nita M. Lowey (D-NY)
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA)
Sam Farr (D-CA)
Steven R. Rothman (D-NJ)
Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
Harold Rogers (R-KY)
John R. Carter (R-TX)
John Abney Culberson (R-TX)
Mark Steven Kirk (R-IL)
Ken Calvert (R-CA)



Leatherman Introduces the Super Tool 300

Okay, I'm sold....