Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yet another reason to homeschool

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I just watched this minutes ago. I'm not surprised.

Just a little more proof that the homosexual activists are really wolves foaming at the mouth, intent upon nothing less than getting at and destroying our lambs. I can tell you that my children will never go to a Public Indoctrination Center! Why?

Because, all I have to say to the wolves this time is, "Not on my watch you don't."



duva said...

To be honest, I don't get it. Why is it so scary that people protest against being bullied for who they are, really?

Then again, the issue about the book might have been kind of strange and politically correct in the extreme - however, I can assure you no one is going to become homosexual by reading about homosexual penguins ;)

Mariah :) said...

Utah schools are good.

Ëarwen said...

I agree!
Thanks so much for following my blog!

Mariah :) said...

p.s. see my blog for my thoughts... from the perspective of a teacher.

Boy, if I taught in California, I'd get in such big trouble so quickly!

Mariah :) said...

One more comment... I'm afraid that we're going to have some very gender-confused little kids. Seriously.

Nuttycomputer said...


Because they aren't getting bullied. As the video stated Fox could not find any incidents of bullying at the elementary level.

The real problem is we constantly believe that public schools are supposed to teach our children for us.

Government funded public schools are constantly ranked as a failure and perform far below private/charter schools that have less funding.

They need to abolished so schools can compete, education can improve, and parents can choose where their kids go to school.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

They need to abolished so schools can compete, education can improve, and parents can choose where their kids go to school.

Hero award for the day!!!!!!

Man, when can we hang out again? ;-)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Earwen: You're welcome! Thank you for following mine first. :-D

Mariah: Will check when I have time, k?

duva said...


And where did Fox search..? FBI... I'm sure everyone who is bullied goes to FBI to tell them.. geez...

(For the record I've always seen Fox News as kind of a joke but apparently it seems some people take it seriously...)

Mariah :) said...

Sometimes I wonder why I, as a school teacher, follow the blog of someone who was home-schooled.

I'm not anti-home-school. When it's done well, it can be a wonderful thing. But I've seen times when it hasn't.

The problem isn't necessarily the existence of public schools. Again, when public schools are run well, they can be wonderful things. In some parts of California that I've seen, it isn't working out so well. Because schools (not teachers; administrators and everyone else they have to answer to) are trying to take over for the family, and many families are trying to make them.

Schools, whether in a home-school, private/charter school, or public school setting, are meant to be a supplement to the family, not a replacement. And it's not fair on anyone (students, parents, overworked teachers, society as a whole) when too much is placed upon the schools.

And, as I said, Utah schools around here are good; I've taught at more than one of them, and I've seen what a positive influence they can be!