Sunday, September 13, 2009

Huzzah for Scott Summers!

I love YouTube! I just saw this segment of the old cartoon X-Men: Evolution while channel surfing last night, and I can just go pull it up just like that!

Please see 11:50-12:29 on this video. Also please click the title of this post to be taken to the video. Embedding was apparently disabled.

Huzzah for Scott Summers (aka Cyclops)! That's some manly action right there! For the record I don't endorse the Evolutionary worldview of said television show. But still, you gotta admit, that's manly. 8-D

And don't tell me you didn't know that Spencer having possession of both cable television and high-speed internet was bad news. ;-P


1 comment:

olde.fashioned said...

ROTFLOL!!! Maybe you don't think he's such a dork anymore, eh? Ha ha.