Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Exercise for Thee: Part 1

Take a peek at this commercial/title theme to the Science Channel's show, Popular Science's Future Of.

Despite being rather humorous and perhaps a bit thought provoking, this commercial inadvertently raises a question that I believe will become an issue in the not-so-distant future. It will be a moral question, and although to my knowledge it has not yet been seriously discussed, I believe that the Bible already has a clear answer.

So, can any of you find what the question is, and if so, can you provide us with a biblical answer?



olde.fashioned said...

I don't think I should answer since I think I already know what the question and answer are. ;-P

Lady Neferankh said... this about human/robot romantic relations...? Then I believe the answer is quite clear, a robot would be a thing, not a human, not an animal, and thus romance/marriage with a thing would not simply be unnatural, but impossible! At best it would be delusional, at worst a depraved means of inflaming lust. I can't cite a specific biblical example for this--but a close comparison would be perhaps idolatry--in this giving not worship--but love and devotion--to a product of man, rather than one of God.

I wish I could take credit for the above, but a lovely Christian lady I know helped me arrive at the answer years ago when we were both in a sort of sci-fi club.

duva said...

Well, to be honest I doubt the Bible mentions robotics ;)

Nah, but on a more serious note; perhaps you refer to the question of idolatry? As works of our hands and minds we shall not revere (let alone love!) machines... and perhaps by extension avoid putting too much trust into them... (For the record I've never even glanced at a Bible in English so my terminology might be a bit off the mark but I hope you do understand what I mean)

P.S. Since I assume you meant to address more than one person in the title the correct form would actually be "An exercise for you" ;)

Lizzy Brown said...

Okay... umm... I'm at a loss. :P The question would have something to do with- robots, and futuristic equipment? (this is gonna sound dumb, but what's new. LOL) but all that comes to mind are the passages in Revelation about end-times. :P Give us a lil' hint, huh? Pretty please? :)