Friday, July 31, 2009


Customs Officially Backs Off

In a letter to Representative Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Customs has officially backed off their proposed revocations in recognition of the Amendment that was passed by the Senate (see below), at least until the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill is acted upon in Conference Committee.

You can read the letter here, but the key paragraph reads "The amendment would effectively obviate the need for CBP's proposed revocations and render the current issue moot. Additionally, due to the numerous comments received in response to the proposed revocation, it is unlikely that CBP will take any further action prior to passage of the Appropriations Act.

This is about as close to a victory as we can come at this time. It may not be over until the fat lady sings, and we actually get the Amendment through Conference Committee, but for all practical purposes, we shouldn't have to worry about Customs reaching into your pockets for your pocket knives anytime soon. Do take note that Customs has included some ambiguous wording in their letter, leaving their options open, no surprise. But, make no mistake, they have gotten the message; don't mess with our pocket knives!

You'll note mention of the "numerous comments received." That is entirely because of all your efforts to write and mail those comments in. You got their attention, and you got Congress' attention with all your emails, letters and faxes to your Senators and Representatives. We are very pleased to have been a part of the coalition of advocacy groups that have helped bring this effort to this point. None of us could have done it alone and we want to thank AKTI, NRA, the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for their cooperation and support. I'd also like to give recognition to Les de Asis and Benchmade's own legislative team who have played a major part in the coalition efforts that have led us to this point.

We still need to get this Amendment through the Conference Committee, but that becomes much easier with each passing day as the pieces, such as this, fall into place. We'll continue to work in cooperation with the other advocacy groups to line up support in the House to accomplish that after the August Recess. As we noted in an email earlier this week, for the moment, just sit back, celebrate this victory and bask in the knowledge that we have come together to overcome great odds to get to this point. YOU did this, the voice of the people; the system sometimes still works.

Brethren, it is time to rejoice.

We have sent them a message. A strong message. We have shown them that not only are we interested in our guns, we are interested in our way of life. No edict of man has the power or right to remove the ability for the people of God to do what he commanded (Luke 22:36).

The warrior class has won this battle. We will have many, many more, but I wonder if there has been a shift. Our warriors are tired, sick and tired. No longer will we submit to the malignant encroachments of those who would see us beaten to the ground.

Today is our day. The battle is not yet over, nor will it ever be, most likely. But for now, we have done our job, and we have done it well. Carry your knives well, my brothers, for if it comes to being men and warriors, you will have need of it.

You can have my knife when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.



olde.fashioned said...

Maybe they'll back off for a while! [/naive wishful thinking] Not that I seriously believe they will, but hey, even Diane Feinstein realizes she's got quite a battle on her hands, LOL. ;-P

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

*FYI for my readers, the Diane Feinstein comment is a reference to the interview shown on the recent firearms story on 60 Minutes.


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

"You can have my knife when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers."
Got that right.
Amen Sir!

Son3 said...

Huzzah for our victory!

Stephen Boyd said...

Did you see the picture in the news the other day of your governor holding a 2-3 ft. long folding knife? I think the page I saw it on linked to his twitter page.

BTW, have you ever considered reviewing Taylor Swift's music? I'd love to read what you have to say about it.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Missed the pic...hmm....

Not too familiar with Taylor Swift, only lately having even become familiar with one of her songs. Is there one song you might like me to review perhaps?


Stephen Boyd said...

Particularly Love Story and You Belong with Me...
Those are two of her most catchy ones...

I don't like her music, btw, I jst thought it would make good fodder. ;)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Aha! Love Story is the one I'm slightly familiar with...yes, very catchy. Not sure, but I might review it someday. No promises! I still have a book, movie, and song review waiting just as we speak. Lol. :-P