Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Kind of Gal

I recently had an interesting experience which incurred a feeling similar to that expressed in Gravelbelly's series of posts here.

I helped a girl at work yesterday. She set her keys down and my eyes, always acting instinctively, immediately recognized a canister of pepper spray on her keys. I must've smiled widely when she passed me her Texas driver's license. :-) I was pretty much dead sure that it was pepper spray, so I brought it up as I helped her out. We discussed this issue shortly, and I soon discovered that she used to carry a gun when in Texas, and her reasons for carrying self defense implements was because of her uncle in law enforcement.

Ahh...I was very comfy. :-D I was intensely delighted to see a young lady taking measures to protect herself from harm. While it is no one's job but OURS as men to protect our ladies, but it is also necessary for us to help show them how to defend themselves. IF we don't, what happens when we're not there? I also take notice that it was her uncle's influence (she said it wasn't an option not to carry anything) that caused her to practice this. While we need our ladies to be ready and willing to defend themselves (and perhaps their children if they are mothers), I do not believe they can do it without us.

I've been thinking about having a pepper spray post soon. Perhaps I'll get this under way....



olde.fashioned said...

Women (myself included) tend to "not think" about things like this, or even worse fall into the "it won't happen to ME!" trap...sometimes we need a man to give us a shove in the right direction. ;-)

Having said that, if we didn't live in The Land of Fruits and Nuts, I'd probably want one of those cute little Derringers for myself...;-P (I knew I liked Louis L'Amour when his The Cherokee Trail heroine went out and bought herself a pair of them first thing! Finally, a heroine that isn't a tomboy, but isn't a fainting swooining ninny, either.) ;-)

I liked Gravelbelly's My Kind of Girl posts, LOL, and I like this one of yours! I think it'd be a fun series to continue. :-D

Ipwergis-Pudding said...


Gravelbelly said...

Olde Fasihioned: Any young woman who reads Louis L'Amour is my kind of gal.

Spencer: Good post! And thanks for the cross-post.