Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Begins: Something good this time!

It would appear that I am slightly behind in the news. (To be honest, I'm shocked that all my resources failed to alert me about this.) Are you ready for some good news (crazy, I know)?

Louisiana Senate Unanimously Affirms 10th Amendment

It is high time someone stood up. I'm fer movin' down to the bayou state, y'all with me?

Hoorah, hoorah, for states' rights hoorah!



olde.fashioned said...


Emily P said...

It actually Pelican State, but sure, I'll go!

Ipwergis-Pudding said...

Way to go, Louisiana!

Yeah. The federal government is too strong. It is going to break our nation if it continues.

I recently rewatched "A More Perfect Union," which tells of the writing of the Constitution. (I got the movie for free for reading the entire Constitution--amendments and all. How cool is that?) Near the end of the movie, Madison realizes that they had created a type of government that had never been seen before. It has the best aspects of both a large and a small government.

Recently, though, the national government has been destroying states' rights, and hurting individuals' freedoms. We are losing the form of government that our Founding Fathers have set up for us. This is always a dangerous thing.

Nuttycomputer said...

That makes four... Montana, Louisiana, Texas, and Utah.

I wonder how many average citizens know that a state is supposed to be sovereign to the Federal Government?

Nuttycomputer said...

Er... Five. Idaho just passed a House Resolution. Waiting for Governor to sign.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Jay: Either your local news station is just that much more awesome than mine, or you are getting this from a certain source. As I seem to be way behind, mind clueing me in? :-DD


Nuttycomputer said...

I just enjoy going through the Gun Forums. Source for many things freedom related.

My news isn't all that current either. Looks like it passed April 7th. Not sure if Governor ever signed it and if he didn't when it would be automatically passed without signature. Not that familiar with Idaho's legal structure.

In other news the Supreme Court overturned Sotomayor AGAIN. Apparantly you can't racially discriminate against whites either. Who would have thought.