Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changes with

I've been crazy busy lately.

I've gotten a bunch of emails from PRO, more than usual, all of them very necessary action alerts. Having been at work and having missed some of them I was annoyed, and even more so this morning when I realised I'd forgotten all the information I thought I'd brought with me to work to call on during my lunch (apparently it was timely?). (If any of you wish to take action on this yourselves, you can find the most important and updated info here.)

I've been busy enough to the point where I feel out of the loop, and very inadequate in alerting my readers to the important developments. To remedy this, I have decided to ask all of you to join up on PRO's email list. Lo and behold, after deciding this I see this information here .

Perfect! I really simply cannot keep up with this anymore; I cannot tell you all everything I feel I need to. So, to educate yourselves about the amendment developments, and perhaps to take a load off of me (;-P), I ask you to become the new version of 10-and-2 Representative.

Sign up yourself; try to get ten others to sign up, as well as two to get ten to sign up themselves. "Signing up" involves donating $1. Sound simple enough?

All right, readers! This is an easy one, you don't even have to take your bums off your seats! Sign up, give a buck, and bug everyone in your address book! This is something we bloggers can do!

If you want to become the new, revamped 10-and-2 Representative, please let me know and do so here. If you want to help me, but don't want to go on a bugging campaign, you can be one of my ten! Click here to do so, and then donate a buck here.

C'mon, guys! If you appreciate my blog, now is the time to show it. I want to see a dozen comments, all telling me how you've just finished signing up!

Let's get to work!


P.S. Also, check out this new associated parental rights website. Now, time for me to go on an email campaign...possibly even a comment campaign, haha.


olde.fashioned said...

Is it possible to join their mailing list without making a financial contribution? I'm asking this not for myself, but for others should I choose to make a post about this on my own blog (which I've seriously been considering).

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Yes, it is. While PRO, and myself, strongly encourage the donations, you can bypass them and just sign up here: