Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Police: Boy, mom in chemo case may be in California



So lemme get this straight. The boy and his parents have decided not to pursue further chemotherapy, the authorities attempt to force the issue, mother and son flee, and they issue an arrest warrant for the mother? This is then broadcast everywhere as if she is some kind of criminal? You may not agree with their decision, but that is their right as parents, and his right as an individual. They are free citizens of the United States of America! This is an immense, gross act of misconduct. (They're probably going to start using the word "fugitive" if they haven't already. Personally I'd prefer "refugee".)

Hey, I had a cut on my knuckle a week back...I only kept a bandaid on it for the first couple of days. So I had a cut that had minimal treatment (No Neosporin!! Aahhh!! D: ) and I stopped treating it.

You gonna come arrest me too?



Ipwergis-Pudding said...


Coming from the sister of a cancer patient, I would certainly agree that the choice about treatments should be up to the individual. There's so much going on there, such a complex issue, that affects people's entire lives.

Again I say, weird.

Son3 said...

Since when should the state practice medicine?

Dr. Ron Paul's been saying that for decades.