Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Picks Anti-gun Judge for the Supreme Court

Though we may have to work through our congress critters, let's still try to rally and keep Sotomayor OUT! She is a bigot (hates men and whites, apparently) and, as outlined in this article, clearly has an absolute lack of respect for the Constitution. I'm dead sure my senators will ignore me and make the wrong choice, as usual, but hey, I think a few annoying phone calls are in order, from yours truly.


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Nuttycomputer said...

I'm not as worried about the gun issue regarding this judge as I am regarding the judge as a whole.

As far as guns are concerned she's replacing a judge that is also anti-gun so the status quo is maintained.

My concern is with her track record. She's had multiple cases go before SCOTUS. If we throw out the pending cases her track record is this: 8 Rulings Reversed, 2 Upheld but reasoning unanimously rejected, and 1 Upheld.

That means out of the three rulings that were upheld - SCOTUS said she got the answer right by accident on two of them.

I believe a Judge being appointed to the supreme court should have MOST of their rulings upheld by that court. That would be the measure of a good SCOTUS judge to me.