Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I am currently very angry at Google. They trick themselves way out for anything left and liberal, for non-holidays, and even for the recent Darwinius.

All we get is a tiny little yellow ribbon at the bottom for Memorial Day?

Disgraceful! Absolutely horrible. Not altogether surprising, though. readers may remember their anti-firearms position....

So, I shall forget about such things and remember what Memorial Day exists for. It is for this cause that I salute the dead, as well as the living.



Lady Neferankh said...

* hugs *

I do know what you mean--and you're not the only who'd noticed all the "pro-Darwin" holidays of late. But in a way I'm not too upset today (well, I would've liked something like the flag or soldiers--even if it were the somewhat overused Iwo Jima scene), because ultimately, what's not most important is if the "powers that be" like Google recognize the blood of brave soldiers--it's that the average citizen doesn't forget.

In a way--perhap's Google's (though it might have been made with ungracious intent * scowls *) tribute does make sense, the little ribbon on the bottom will go unnoticed, lightly dismissed, by many a carelessly comfortable browser--just like our veterans' sacrifices.

Happy Memorial Day.

duva said...

At leas they had a special LEGO-logo for the 50th birthday of LEGO... ;)

Oh, and I must confess I didn't even know what Memorial Day was (thank you, Wikipedia!), so I guess one explanation for the lack of interest on Google's behalf could be that it's just an American thing?