Friday, May 29, 2009

American Flag Forcefully Removed

I am confident I'm not the only one sickened by such a thing.



olde.fashioned said...

the supervisor who complained has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa.

If she hates America so much, then let's all pool to buy her a one-way ticket back to Africa. *scowls*

I will never understand why people who hate this country still want to live in it! Love it or leave it!!!

Nuttycomputer said...

.... I had to re-read that just to believe it.

Wake Up America! Stop being Sensitive! We do not live in a country that guarantees the right to not be offended. The US Constitution does not protect from being annoyed, disgusted, etc.

If you don't like something get away from it. If you don't like that we can display OUR COUNTRY'S FLAG on an AMERICAN HOLIDAY then get used to it or leave this country.

This goes for any flag displayed in any way or any sign displayed in any way.

That means if on your property you want to go so far and display a Nazi Flag publicly (Or Burn the American Flag Publicly) then you have that RIGHT. I will not agree with it. I will protest it's display to the core. But if the government tries to remove that flag against your will and your consent I will stand by you until the end.

Now this hospital is private and they can remove whatever they want from their walls. (That is their ability) However, they should have used better judgement. Negotiated a different placement, a smaller size, etc. But removing something because one person is upset about it's presence is just wrong.

(End Rant)

WildWeazel said...

"But removing something because one person is upset about it's presence is just wrong."

I wonder how much longer it will be until that something is you or me.