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Review: 2008 Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy

As y'all should know by now, I'm a serious supporter of Vision Forum, and this CD pack didn't diminish my enthusiasm. Taken from the 2008 Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy conference, it is simply packed with amazingness. 24 CDs, around twenty hours of firm biblical information dealing with the legal and moral issues of our day. Sounds like fun! :-D

The list:

Introduction to the Christian Foundations of Western Law, Parts 1 and 2, Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.
Christian Jurisprudence: Biblical Law, Natural Law, or Positive Law?, William O. Einwechter
What the Bible Says About Female Magistrates, William O. Einwechter
Symposium on the Reformation and Law, D. Phillips & W. Einwechter
Christianity and the Courts, Hon. Roy S. Moore
An Introduction to the Theology of Church and State, Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.
The Battle for Biblical Marriage, Jordan Lorence, Esq.
Defamation in the "Blogosphere", Josh Carden, Esq.
Biblical Law, Ethics, and Public Policy for Lawyers (+ Recap), Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.
The Significance of the Electoral College, Hon. Howard Phillips
Genesis & Geneva: The Emergence of Liberty in the West, Douglas W. Phillips
Spheres of Sovereignty: Church Discipline, Autonomy, and the State, Robert J. Renaud
The State of Parental Rights in Light of the Texas Polygamy Case, Don Hart, Esq.

Unfortunately I've only had the chance to listen to four lectures so far, but will try to hear the others soon. I will give short summaries/reviews of the four I listened to.

You May Not Take Our Guns
Larry Pratt

Speaker Pratt, of Gun Owners of America , gives what must be about the best summary of the subject I have ever heard. Pratt's lecture contained comments from Doug Phillips, and the two together were what I can only call a packin' tour-de-force. Doug starts us off with a fantastic review of our Biblical right to self-defense, and our literal duty as men to use lethal force when necessary. Pratt mostly discusses the legal issues of the current fights to preserve our "right to keep and bear arms" that is supposed to never be "infringed" (the 2nd Amendment). Overall, this could be called a legal and moral recommendation for the use of firearms. We learn why we shouldn't even have CCWs (concealed carry permits), why literally every man should use weapons if he is to fulfill his Christian duty, and why, Constitutionally, every American man should use an M-16. I knew that Doug & co. were strong supporters of guns, etc., but I had no idea that he was as "radical" as I am. I am well pleased! The price of the entire album would have been worth it for this one talk. I insist that you do not thwart thine own understanding; you must listen to this! (Don't miss the Q&A section, which actually has a nice little tidbit on the subject of the next talk I listened to.)

The State of Parental Rights in Light of the Texas Polygamy Case
Don Hart, Esq.

In light of my current work with the Parental Rights Amendment I had to prioritize this one highly. A very good summary of Parental Rights, the horrible threat presented by "social workers", the Warren Jeff's (Mormon, Texas Polygamy, whatever you want to call it) case, as well as a lesser-known but also horrific case back in the '80s. It didn't have any literal references to the Parental Rights Amendment movement, but nonetheless this a grave issue that we should all be concerned with. Those interested in my parental rights post of late would do well to check this one out.

Defamation in the "Blogosphere"
Josh Carden, Esq.

Perhaps a "lesser issue" in the eyes of many, Carden nonetheless gives us a good legal background about slander in general, as well as information about blogging slanderers amongst our very own church, spewing their caustic vitriole at many good men in the ministry. Commentator Doug also gives us a little bit of a step-by-step guide to finding the answer in a biblical manner if you are concerned about the oft-spoken nasty rumors about a ministry leader.

The Battle for Biblical Marriage
Jordan Lorence, Esq.

A very, very impressive talk on the evils of homosexuality and all such legal issues, including the debate on the government defining marriage. Filled with useful teaching points, facts and more, I highly recommend this to any concerned Christian. Lorence apparently is a warrior for Christ, battling the onslaught of the sodomite hordes with the Alliance Defense Fund (which, he said, will also try to help you if you are sued for "discrimination" against homosexual deviants, if you are, say, a business owner refusing service). Another must-hear!

Buy it at Vision Forum here.

Or, download it here at, which is basically Vision Forum's version of iTunes, except it should be called iTalks, etc. Awesome!

Special thanks goes to the family of bloggers over at Horn Herald for the help their post was to me in writing this one. :-)

I look forward to listening to the rest!

Press on!


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