Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PRO: Introducting Introduction Week!

From a email, with slight format editing by myself.

Introducing "Introduction Week"!

In honor of the introduction last Tuesday of H.J. Res. 42, The Parental Rights Amendmen, in the U.S. House of Representatives, we are having Introduction Week this week. Our aim is to use social networks to introduce as many new people as possible to the Parental Rights Amendment. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or some other network, you have a presence there that you can use to promote the Parental Rights Amendment.
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Here are a few ideas for Facebook users:

* Do a friend search for Parental Rights and become friends with us
(Introduce yourself!);
* Join the cause, Support the Parental Rights Amendment;
* Join a Parental Rights Group we suggest joining the largest one you
can find;
* Join the Fan page;
* Post Parental Rights Flair on your Flair board;
* Then, send invites of the same to all your Facebook friends,
introducing them to the Parental Rights Amendment!

Likewise, on MySpace, Twitter, or whatever network youre on, take a few minutes to find or create ways to network with other friends of Parental Rights (introduce yourself!), then send invites to your whole personal network introducing them to the cause. (Always look for existing groups before creating your own; one Group of 500,000 will have a greater impact than 100 Groups of 5,000.)

Not on a network?

* Consider joining one so you can link in with fellow laborers in the
Parental Rights movement; or
* Use the network you have, whether its your email address book, your
phone list, or your home school co-op or PTA.

You are linked in somewhere. Be creative and introduce the members of your network to the need to empower parents for the protection of our children!

I don't have accounts on any of these sites. Does anyone want to step up the plate and take my place? We REALLY need to get the word out, and as the world uses these sites so much and deems them so useful and important, this will be great...if we do something about it.



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