Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a Recruiter!

This past week, since Monday, I've been what calls a Phone Recruiter. Once just a 10-and-2 Representative, I know am a Recruiter too!

I was sorely disappointed, though, to hear that we only have about 47 Phone Volunteers period. Over 60 states, many, many millions of people, and we have 47? What's wrong with this picture?

I want you, my reader, to become a Recruiter.

It takes some effort, but it at least doesn't seem to be too hard. My job has been to call non-profit organizations and similar such groups that may have an interest (churches, youth centers, family organizations, volunteer coordination groups, etc.) and are in my area. If you live in, say Los Angeles, you would do something along the lines of this. (My PRO "supervisor" of sorts has been helping me tons.)

I basically need to get them to help me get volunteers, 10-and-2 Representatives (the same exact thing I've been doing, the same exact thing I've asked all of you to do).

A script you can use (slightly outdated):

"My name is ------- and I am calling on behalf of to see if you would like to get involved in our grassroots campaign to pass a constitutional amendment codifying parental rights.

-- With 66 co-sponsors in the House, the Parental Rights Amendment will be introduced by Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) on March 31.

-- We are in need of 10,000 10-and-2 PRO-Active Representatives by May 15.

-- The role of a Representative is to get 10 petition signers, then recruit 2 more Representatives and encourage them as they do the same way. Working together, we can reach our goal of 3.2 million signatures by October. You can sign up at by clicking on the tab "Join the Fight". (Or even better: You can sign up at"

I asked what to say, and was provided with this. I dunno, something in me doesn't mix well with this sort of thing, and it took some serious getting used to. But, after five days of doing it on my breaks and lunches in a back room at work, I finished off my call list, with only minutes to spare. I've got some fair leads and what to possibly hit on next week. True, I've had mostly unanswered messages, some direct turn-downs, no literal aid yet, but some interest. It's worth a try.

Is anyone willing to help me? Anything you have to say about earlier posts? Any help with Facebook? Anyone want to help and be my "2" volunteer as I mentioned a while back?

You may be upset by all of this, the loss of rights and freedoms, and rightfully so. They know what they are doing. Their attempts to destroy the family, which the UNCRC is merely one of, would be very effective if they were victorious. Homeschooling would likely be out, which would mean all our kids would to go government institutions for "schools". Anti-Christ, anti-conservative, anti-gun, anti-everything-good-and-just-and-right is the name of the game. Part of the strength of the Creationist movement is in the homeschool arena; that would also be a serious blow to us. Most children raised as Christians would fall away (Ken Ham has done some fantastic research on this) into lifestyles of Godlessness, sex, drugs, alcohol, and that's just to start. If you would put yourself in any of these categories, if you might call yourself a Christian, a Creationist, a homeschooler, a firearms enthusiast, any of these things, it would be wise for you to help us now. (Yes, my respect to those who disagree with my views, but let me speak as I will for now. I hope you can understand how important it is to me.) Work together, and we can win. Let them defeat us one by one, and we will face a fate much worse.

I'll close this out with some good stuff by Michael Farris about the amendment.

Why We Need the Parental Rights Amendment
The CRC: International Law Invades Your Home


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