Wednesday, April 01, 2009

H.J.Res. 42

The Parental Rights Amendment has been introduced! Now, we wait....

But of course, we cannot wait in idleness. If you haven't already, the time to act is NOW. I beg you, I implore you to help us now. What we need:

Here is what we need YOU to do TODAY:

1. Sign the petition at

2. Sign up as a 10-and-2 Representative

Visit’s 10-and-2 page to download instructions and materials, then enlist 10 people to sign the online petition and recruit 2 more to serve as 10-and-2 Representatives after you.

3. Sign up as a 10-and-2 Recruiter

Email to sign up and to answer any questions.
Recruiters enlist ten (10) or more people to be 10-and-2 Representatives.

4. Forward this email to everyone you can possibly think of!

Ideas include your entire email address book, blog lists, local radio stations, community, civic and church organizations, and the like.

5. Become a member of and post your decals

Anyone giving $25 or more at becomes a member and will receive 2 window decals to post on your car, or next to your home front door.

6. Contact Congress

If your Representative is not on the list of supporters already, email or call them and ask, “Why aren’t you a cosponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment?” You can find their contact information by inputting your zip code at

Become a volunteer, sign the petition, contact your legislators, donate, all of it! Please, help us. I beg, I implore you to help us now.

If you care about America, the last great holdout in the world, if you care about your nation, that so many fought and died for, even lived for, and if you want a place to raise your children, then you will act now.

If you don't, then thy fate will be upon thine head.

God help us all.



guitargirl said...

Wow! Decals for on your car? :-D It's a good thing I don't live in Missouri ;)

Seriously, I may have to check that site out, I think I may have already signed that petition, but all these places have similar names, so ya never know ;)

And of course Bigfoot is real! :-O *Casts nervous glance around room*

WildWeazel said...

bah, I just posted, now I have to add another paragraph!

WildWeazel said...

Ok, I've updated my post with info on the bill. Which is good, because now it looks less like a rant and more like a call to arms. My posts are automatically forwarded to facebook, so hopefully I can get an audience there.

Let's hack some politics.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

guitargirl: Great, I hope you do! It's the fight of our day, and it is absolutely imperative that we succeed.

WildWeazel: Glorious! Thank you for posting that; I'll cross-post it....