Thursday, February 26, 2009

olde_fashioned: Batman Icons

Booyah! Take a look at these purdy little babies my sister made.

So what did you all think about the Oscars? I watched little, and was mostly ticked, as I have been, that they snubbed TDK for Best Picture. It should have won that, without a doubt (remember the People's Choice Awards? Yeah...there ya go), as well as Best Original Soundtrack and for editing. At LEAST those three. (Heath's win is indisputable.)

And now I have a new proposition. The Oscars needs a new category. Not that I care a lick about the Oscars, but still...we need Best Combat Sequences. Not Best Fight Scenes, because that excludes large-scale battles, and not Best Battle Scenes, because that excludes small fights. Best Combat Sequences. TDK would have won that as well....

Maybe I'll do it, then. Okay. For '09 I nominate Taken * so far. Let's see what else comes out!


*By the way, I now am openly recommending Taken as I see it is truly a tool for us "sheepdogs." One of my best friends just saw it, as well as a coworker, and it provided me with great oppurtunities to discuss safety with them (they are both ladies). With the coworker, I didn't even have to bring it up myself, she did.... With all of its flaws and uncomfortable material for ladies, still have them watch Taken. Then sit them down and talk. More than likely it won't do much, I'll be honest (isn't that how most if not all of our attempts go?), but it.

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olde.fashioned said...

Wow, I've been honoured with a cross-post? *iz immensely flattered* :-D

Now you've got me wanting a Best Fight category. ;-P And I agree -- the ones in Taken (pardon the modern expression) absolutely rocked! ;-P

And they should, uh, give Batman Begins and TDK a retro-active honorary award, yes? ^-^