Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's time for change

(No, you dummy not that kind!)

The results of my poll are clear. I am changing my username. My blog name will remain, but my username will likely change. This means that my blog URL address will change as well. (Anyone know if that effects your blog layout, perhaps to the point of losing all of your links, formatting, etc.?) So, now my question is, what should my new name be?

Two ideas I'm liking so far:


Again, remember I do want suggestions but I won't use my real name. Fire away!



*Stacy* said...

why not: 'TheVelociraptor' or 'I<3Bambiraptors' or ''

actually no, those are so frickin' cool that i want to use them for myself. i know you love them... but too bad.

oh, and i am a million percent joking on everything i said so far. i hope it made you chuckle.

BlackDragon dude.

oh, and is there seriously such thing as a Bambiraptor? 'fo real?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hey! But what if I want them Stac???? NO FAIR!!!!

Now, I coooouuld be picky and say that you can't say "BambiraptorS"...wait, that is picky, isn't it? :-P

Of course it makes me chuckle, for it is The Great Stacy, and she doth maketh the world chuckle (with delight, of course!).

So do you or do you not like BlackDragon?

And yes, I swear, there is a Bambiraptor! Cool, huh? Dinosaurs are so wacky it's awesome...I can go on and on and on and on....
(Warning: most info on this and similar dinos is, well..a load of hooey.)

Hey what do y'all say to a Strange Dinosaur Post?


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

P.S. You're hyper today, aren't you?

olde.fashioned said...

I vote for BlackDragon (I'm thinkin' I can make you this really neat header and layout to match...mwahhaaaaaa.....) and also for a Strange Dinos post! :-D

Ipwergis-Pudding said...

A Strange Dinosaur Post sounds exciting...

I don't really have any feedback about potential names. Hey, this is your blog!

I'm sick. And I want my voice back. And I have to get homework done. And stuff. So The End.

-Mariah :)

*Stacy* said...

haha! yes, i've been pretty hyper over the past few days (its been sunny) :)

and that's awesome. i looked up bambiraptor's on wiki like you told me to and they look awesome. so i think you should use my second idea. it's genius.

i would personally love a wacky dino post. as long as it's brief. haha! (you and nathan know how i am with long posts...)

:) :)

Joshua Horn said...


I can think of two ways to change your blog URL.

1. Change the existing url for you blog in blogger. Then make a new blog with the address, and put up a post that tells people the new address. This was you keep the same look for the new blog, because it is the same. The only problem is that if someone linked to a specific post and did not update the link, it will not work.

2. Make a new blog, with the new URL. Under Advanced settings on the first page, hit import, and import all your old posts. Go to your old blog, and put up a post with the new URL. This way links to your old posts will work, but you will have to redo your links, etc.

So really it matters how many people you think link to specific post. I would probably do the first.

Sorry that was so long.... :)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Lauren: Hehe, lemme think about both the name and the post idea....

Mariah: Aww, feel better soon. :-)

Stacy: How brief?

Joshua Horn: Wow! Thank you for all the help. I think I want to just change the URL of this blog, so my question is, will I lose all my posts, links, followers, formatting, etc. if I just change my URL or will it all stay there?


duva said...

Haha, the title of this post gave this "who are you and what have you done with the real Spencer"-moment ;)

Anyway, is there a purpose behind BlackDragon? If there is I'd say go for it, sounds kind of neat. I'm no fan of TheWarrior though... for obvious reasons ;)

Joshua Horn said...

If you just change the URL, it will all move to the new URL, but you will no longer 'own' So you would probably want to make a new blog at

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

duva: Because you don't like TheWarrior, or merely don't like the name?